3822 washed

I’ve washed my 3822 accidentally it’s new and it’s just got the information that is first written in it, what will most likely happen next?

ask for a new one. your staff will most likey fill in the details again and give it to you.

At my squadron, a disappointed look and mild ridicule :wink:


At least they haven’t lost it, at my Squadron that earns you a verbal warning and an entry in the SASR.

Pop into your staff office and politely explain. As above, expect mild ridicule and banter. :wink:


Yep, loss of an identity document that can provide access to MOD estate.

I haven’t got a problem with accidental washing etc as accidents happen but outright loss isn’t acceptable as far as I’m concerned.


A packet of good quality chocolate biscuits helps the process along…

We issue our cadets with a small ziplock plastic bag for their 3822 to go in, & we expect the 3822 to reside in it! It has saved numerous “admin” events. :wink:


I would say you now have a clean record…
Go grovel, say it got washed and receive the new one… these things happen but please learn from the experience and don’t leave in your uniform for the eager parental unit to wash again. The military has the saying, “7 P’s”, and it is very appropriate here.

“Prior Planning and Preparation Prevents Piddly Poor Performance”. There are many alternative words used for Piddly but I find this is the most parent friendly one to use…


Well, you’re a proper cadet now your 3822 has been washed. It’s a rite of passage


On our squadron we have a prize for the cadet who makes it to the end of his/her Cadet career without washing their 3822. It has never been awarded.
the cost of a new 3822 is a pack of chocolate digestives for the adj .
As it has been said before a washed 3822 is a rite of passage.

It must be a modern thing.
A cadet with a washed 3822 was a real rare gem in my day.

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Didn’t dare do it when I was a cadet…


We never worried about it. There was no concern of being in trouble or similar because virtually no one ever did it. It wasn’t something you ever thought about… Like you wouldn’t worry about burning yourself by ironing your shirt whilst wearing it (which one of my cadets once did).

We all just removed the 3822 from our pockets before taking off our uniform.
A simple thing, like unlacing one’s shoes before removing them (yet I see cadets slipping their shoes off without undoing the laces far too regularly these days).

I wonder if being a cub scout waaaay back in the day had anything to do with that habit?
We had to carry all kinds of rubbish with us back then… ID card in your sock, and in your pocket was something like: a piece of string, a pencil and notebook, a 50p coin (so that you could use a payphone if needed)… Taking all that out of your pocket at the end of the night was obvious.

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Sounds familiar: 3822, small notebook, pen, powerpoint clicker, loose change and stuff I’ve collected throughout the night.

Maybe that’s why I’ve never washed mine :sunglasses:

I solved that problem by never washing.

A proper teenage lad then

Actually, I suppose that another key factor in explaining why so very few of us ever washed ours it that, back then, the heavy weight trousers were dry clean only.

Could get away with ironing them once in your entire cadet career!

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I think you probably came in just in time for the old “medium weight” which were great. I used to keep a pair for use as ‘drill trousers’ until I gained a bit more waist.

The old heavy weight were awful. Itchy as a hell… and hot as hell also in the summer.

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