2FTS Update

The below is taken directly from the 2FTS update. May I be the first the wish Gp Cptn Middleton a long and happy retirements away from the duties and responsibilities RAFAC. Your impact has been well noted.

As 2018 draws to a close, we say goodbye to Group Captain John Middleton OBE who has been a integral member of the RAF Air Cadets for many years. His drive and enthusiasm has been invaluable in the task of returning to Cadet gliding. He will be missed by all and we wish him a happy retirement. Knowing the tenacity of the Group Captain, I’m sure it won’t be long before we see him again….


He has been prominent with many of the most notable changes within the Air Cadet organisation for many years.


£5 says he’s already been given the nod for a role at the Aaron academy…


It can’t come quickly enough. The knife in the back of the organisation will finally be removed.


John Middleton has had such an impact on the Air Cadet Organisation as to be place on a pedestal…

A worse example of how to alienate volunteers could not be found! The ‘old boys’ networking and the nepotism shown toward this man has been unbelievably detrimental to the Corps for so many years…

He was a blistering tornado as OC North Region that changed so many good aspects of the Region and staffing just to ‘stamp his mark’ on it.

He was found to be a ‘vindictive’ man by an official enquiry and having poor ‘people skills’ problem was HQAC was charged with reigning him in which they of coarse failed to do…

Good riddance… may your legacy fade away!

End of rant😉


Unfortunately he’s only one of many that need to go for the good of the organisation


What’s he done?

Banned fieldcraft (when he was Regional Commandant North), brought in Ultifail, got rid of CGIs, changed the whole gliding concept, ground a fleet and unsuccessfully recovered it after 4/5 years (can’t remember how long it’s been now). Changed his title from OC 2FTS to Commandant. Had the audacity to ban us from using other private gliding providers (because it would show him up). But other than that, nothing :wink:


What @pEp said - and he is a massive, massive lady garden


In the same way they’d miss having a migraine

He was also behind RACs, another good idea which became a joke under this man’s watch.

Has he done anything positive for the ATC, other than retire.

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Sounds like a right tool :joy: let me guess, was he full time paid staff? Or a volunteer?


He was widely loathed when he was a crab as well. Not just magnificently incompetent, but a vile creature.

I’m shocked, shocked I say, that HQAC employed him…

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They must have liked the cut of his jib and recognised a fellow spirit.

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Flying provision can only get better

I’ve always thought that a trebuchet would be a useful additional asset to the ACO armoury - both on the flying side and in HR…


Can it, wait until somone new is appointed and then see what you get.

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True. So who’s running things in the meantime?

Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Was anyone running things before?