2FTS Aerospace Experience Survey

Hmm. Just seen this pop through bader.

One survey for staff, one for cadets (also pushed out through cadet portal).

“The results will be collated by a 2FTS team before being reported within 2FTS and to CAC”

From doing it, it’s basically asking us if we know about scholarships and push cadets to them enough.

Wonder what’s happened / changed that’s made them want to send something like this out…?

A new Commandant who cares about flying rather than paperwork?

They seem to be asking diversity questions so wouldn’t be surprised if questions were being asked from above. We are a National Organisation so racial diversity will be Regional, but there is no reason we shouldn’t be at least getting a 50/50 male to female split.


There appears to be quite a focus on top level ‘what is the point of the air cadets’ at the moment so I do suspect the new commandant has been asking awkward questions.

I feel pretty hopeful that some really positive change is brewing.

When you hit rock bottom the only way is up.

The night is darkest just before the dawn.

And other cliches…

I was quite scathing just now. How can then ask when we last took people flying or gliding and expect a genuine answer? It was 2019 but I’ll be dammed if I know when.

At least someone is trying to check. I mentioned ACTO35 several times.


I hope he has! there are quite a few questions that needed to be asked of HQAC/2FTS. Questions that when you are just trying to be friendly and get social media follows you don’t want to ask.

I feel our new commandant is here to make some positive change, and hopefully isn’t afraid to throw the cat amongst the pigeons to get that positive change!


And that would only be for powered flying anyway. I’d love to know the % of current cadets that have ever sat in a glider…

If it is above 5% I would be very surprised.


Ok so now actually looking at the questionnaire. “When was the last time you escorted cadets to flying and gliding…”

No option for never have?

Enjoyed filling that out :rofl: :rofl: :joy: :joy:

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Bit of a cathartic experience


I’ve just listened to the ‘Leading with James Ashton’, S4 Episode 9 podcast, where he interviews Sir Mike Wigston.
The boss was complimentary of the Air Cadets and also talked about his diversity targets for his tenure. I’m guessing these targets are starting to filter down to us and this may influence who gets scholarships etc.

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Not quite. As an organisation we are still male heavy and that should be reflected in the scholarships (though we should then be asking why are fewer girls interested). But we do need to be better still. I had a cadet go on flying scholarship before lockdown and she was the only female there.


Agreed - should have 50% females in the organisation, but while we have ~1/3 then that should be reflected in flying/gliding numbers.

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Am I being thick?

Question 23: Do you think that cadets need more access to career information than they are supplied with centrally?

  • Yes - both military and civilian career information
  • No - they don’t have enough information on civilian careers
  • No - they don’t have enough information on military careers
  • No - they don’t have enough information on either
  • Not the RAFAC’s job
  • Not sure

Which answer means “I think cadets have enough access” ??? :laughing:


I wondered the same :joy::man_shrugging:

Didn’t realise the numbers were that far off, the units I’ve been on have always been around 50/50 or in the case of my last unit slightly higher female to male at times.

There were a number of poorly worded questions in there. There were open questions that would be better closed and closed questions where the options were lacking and being able to explain more would be good.


It’s definitely been written by someone inside the system, so unaware of the frustrations of those outside using the system


Our unit has always had more gents than ladies.

And the ladies always seem to end up becoming SNCO’s… we seem to attract less female cadets but the ones we get through the door stay longer and do better than the gents.

I think the diversity figures we should be careful saying the organisation should be 50/50… the organisation has its aims already, it should remove all barriers that might stop anybody joining…

However saying it should be 50/50 isn’t realistic. In the same way the local ballet group will likely never be 50/50 - but they have done good work breaking down barriers to encourage the interested gents through the door…

If you go chasing after appealing equally to everyone you’ll ruin the organisation, RAFAC or ballet club.