2023 Dial In - 7 Dec

So a full dial in, which is a first as I’ve never seen something like this before.

Opportunity to submit questions in advance as well from the weekly brief.

Will you be attending?
What are you hoping to get from the call?

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I’ll go. It’s hard to know what I hope to get from it as it doesn’t seem themed or any agenda pushed out, so it might end up being a free for all.

It is a great step in the right direction for engagement though!


Interesting to see how they will do it - Max Teams call is a 1000 - live events is normally 10000, recently increased to 20000 BUT for live you can only hear…

What are you going to miss if you don’t attend! At least you will hear the news firsthand, not via the memes.

It’s meant to be a live event, which I guess is why questions in advance. Maybe @Wizzle can confirm?

So I’ve just gone to add the link to my calendar as per the Weekly Update and, instead of giving me a calendar invite, it’s taken me straight to the meeting.

Anyone else had this issue?

Yes. There’s no way of adding it to your calendar seemingly.

Happened to me too, I copied the link and added to calendar that way so have the link saved for a Quick Look on the night.

Not sure what I’m expecting from the call. There are so many big issues swilling around that need addressing, from just my AoR:

AEF provision
ACPS and when it restarts
SGS and VGS provision
Drone flying
The new “cadet offer” and syllabus
Over 18 cadets and their future
Rumours of reduced VA/1771
Fixing Learn for ACTO 099 reporting

Pretty sure all of those could be a dial in all of their own!


Remind me: is the meeting being recorded?

It’s our parade night (and we’re short staffed) so I won’t be able to join live.

And no, we won’t be standing down. The programme was set well in advance of the call, and we’ve things to achieve before we close for Christmas.


I think this will be the case for a lot of staff, which is a shame. Hopefully it is recorded.

Do you think HQAC have smart speakers?

I discovered during lockdown that if you come off mute and clearly say the words “Alexa, make fart noises” you can quickly discover if the person presenting has an Amazon Echo.

They wouldn’t be allowed in the same room as MODNET devices (or am I thinking of the rules for my day job?)

Has anyone heard about a rumoured 7-day “media blackout” following the dial in? If so, why do we think that is?

It’s made up. I’ve asked HQ media who haven’t promulgated anything at all.


And flying in Non-Service aircraft! :smiling_imp:


A lovely bit of propaganda.


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Yeah, it’s a Teams live event, or as they’re now called, a ‘town hall’.

So numbers shouldn’t be a problem, it’ll be no video and audio for participants, but a team from HQ who can will be called to the screen for questions. Form for questions in advance, but we’ll have the Q&A feature turned on, allowing comments and questions. We have turned on anon posts, but also moderation.

An email is going out with a calendar link, but we just need to make sure it doesn’t get blocked as it’ll come from teams and not a mailbox. If that doesn’t work, it’ll be from influence. Will go tomorrow, and Friday should also see an updated reprofiling table in the weekly brief.


Just had the email.


But will it be recorded for those of us who can’t join?

Last line of the email says it will be recorded to watch back.