Youth Covid 19 Support Fund

Just come across this (whilst looking for something else) - Apply for the Youth Covid-19 Support Fund - GOV.UK ( Don’t recall seeing this promulgated or mentioned. Shame applications are now closed!!!

i doubt we (the RAFAC) would have been eligible.

much of our “expenses” that i suspect this support fund would go towards are covered by the MOD such as accommodation (rents and maintenance)

after a bit of research i found this on the Girl Guides which states

he total amount local guiding can apply for is the lower amount of:

  • 25% annual expenditure
  • any deficit realised between November 2020 and March 2021
  • £250k

as out annual expenditure (ie unit expense) is only going to be broadband costs and any SOV costs for those who have them, but most SORN’d their SOVs i imagine?
i can’t see we would have benefited greatly from this
(famous last words…in the next 6hours 20 comments could well put that right)

That was my understanding as well. We may be eligible but would hardly get enough from the fund to justify filling out the paperwork.

Hi Steve,
At least GGs promoted it. No good crying over spilt milk though. We wouldn’t have had any fund raising opportunities Nov - Mar so no deficit there but deficits in that, even though we have SORNed our buses (we bought a 2nd one in Jan '20 so it’s had no use at all for 12 months!!) we have still had to insure them, albeit at a reduced premium.
Broadband really rankled - I did approach BT about a reduction (£500 PA for no use at all) but they said no, as expected!

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Many a mickle etc.
Surely we are experts at filling in forms for which there seems little or no justification lol?

I do like their “How to fill in the form” video. Very helpful

is the we = you or we = the organisation?

We would have raised £2k+ from a Christmas bagpack and on a former unit we used to assist at the local fireworks event and got some money from the organisers

It was current personal.
Yes we used to do Christmas bag packs plus local Halloween and bonfire nt events. As you say, great fund-raisers but staffing became a problem.