Youngest QAI(?)

Youngest QAI

All kudos to this cadet for graduating QAIC at 16!

On thing that confused me though is he is shown as wearing an ATC Beret Badge, however it quotes his RAF Section Commander at the school CCF.

I believe the policy has recently changed to allow membership of both ATC and CCF, however it is the norm for the CCF membership to be either Army or Navy sections to avoid conflict of activities and syllabus?

They’ve also managed to get a quote from the Defence Minitstry . . .

I was under the impression you had to be in receipt of GCSEs already to be allowed onto the QAIC Course?

Not sure on the official policy, but I know a fair few people who are/were ATC and CCF(RAF) simultaneously.

Actual or predicted according to their website.

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Two people on my course were 16 when they graduated so he’s not the youngest ever…

To be fair, it doesn’t say youngest ever.

My two lads were both ATC and CCF at the same time. My eldest was a Cdt FS in the ATC and Cdt CSgt in the CCF Army Section. My youngest was a Cadet (no rank) in the ATC and Cdt Sgt in the CCF Army.

However, the only reason that they were CCF Army was because their school didn’t have an RAF Section.

There’ll be year 13s that are still 16 until the end of August

Do you mean year 12s, unless they’ve been put up a year (which is very unusual)?

I do. I also can’t count.


or equivalent Scottish Standard Grades, to make our northern colleagues feel included! :wink:

I can confirm this.

Ah yes. However northern would be a bit iffy… see, anything north of the Midlands is “the north”. Those Scots are just… far northerners.

I don’t accept the existence of “the Midlands” as that is also “oop north” as is everything above Watford Gap Services.

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Naaa m4


I’ve lived in the south, the north, Wales, and Scotland, and I don’t feel like I’ve missed out by not living in the midlands… :smirk:

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And…if you can all remember what this thread was actually about that would be wonderful.

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I once knew a QAIC from the Midlands…

I’ve lived in the Midlands and the I currently live in the South East but my heart remains in the North East of this great country and especially Gods Own City, Newcastle upon Tyne.

I haven’t known any QAIC’s from the NE though…


I prefer to think of anything above Bristol to be north.