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Hi All,

I’m new(ish) to the forum and am a current member of the Young Air Pilots Committee.

Our Aim is to promote the Honourable Company of Air Pilots (its great to see some Air Cadets have been previous winners of some of the Scholarships!), to support young members through mentoring, visits/events and training and development sessions.

We can often be found at the majority of the Pilot Training Exhibitions to provide impartial advice to those looking to embark on their flight training journey.

If you have any questions about the Young Air Pilots, or the Honourable Company of Air Pilots, i’ll try my best to answer (if not i’ll find out and get back to you all).

I’ll also try to let you all know about scholarship opportunities or Interview Prep Days which can be advertised to your cadets.


Honourable Company of Air Pilots


I’ll also add the link to our Social Media Page

Young Air Pilots - Instagram

We also have a facebook page for current YAP members.

We are currently planning a “Young” Fly-In to Duxford in August


Next weekend The Honourable Company of Air Pilots will be holding a weekend of Interview preparation & aptitude assessments

Flight School Assessment Prep

There is a cost to this, but it is certainly cheaper than some of the ‘big’ names in assessment prep days.

(Of course it is prudent to say this is not a RAFAC sponsored activity)

Additional Aptitude Assessment dates have also been scheduled

HCAP Aptitude Tests

Why does the application form for the HCAP Aptitude Test days mention that you cannot redo the test for at least 12 months?
Appreciate that is the rule for CBAT at Cranwell for obvious reasons, but since the CBAT at Cranwell is no longer used by HCAP, why the 12 month rule still?

Hi @Turbo,

Apologies for the delay in my reply, i’ve discussed this with part of the Aptitude Testing Team who have thanked you for bringing it to their attention.

It should now read 6 months and they will update the site in due course.

As you say, the 12 month rule was for when the tests were completed at RAFC Cranwell. The current 6 month wait is to allow candidates to develop on feedback provided (and to minimise candidates passing due to familiarity with the software.

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Good Evening All,

It was great meeting some budding young pilots last week and i hope they found the aptitude tests and subsequent feedback useful.

Naturally any feedback that could improve further aptitude testing would be appreciated via PM.

The last dates for aptitude testing for 2022 have been scheduled for the 25th October and 1st December.

Air Pilots Aptitude Testing Applications

Many Thanks


Evening All,

The Young Air Pilots will be hosting an end of Season BBQ at White Waltham Airfield on Sun 2nd Oct 2022.

The day will be well attended by fellow YAP members, current scholars and scholars from previous years. It will be a fantastic opportunity to meet fellow pilots and be introduced to informal company life.

Arrival 1100
BBQ running from 1200 for lunch
Tea, Coffee, Water & Squash available in the Snug throughout the day
Finish 1500
(Bar open throughout the day)

Guests are most welcome. YAP Member and guests tickets are £10pp. Anyone flying-in will also have landing fees covered by the Young Air Pilots Committee.

It will no doubt be a fantastic occasion and we look forward to seeing as many future aviators as possible!
U18’s are welcome as long as they are accompanied by an adult.

For any further details or questions please contact the Young Air Pilots via PM or Email

Event Address:
West London Aero Club, White Waltham Airfield, Maidenhead, SL63NJ

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Good Evening ACC,

Dates for 2023 Aptitude Testing at Air Pilots House in London have been released and application forms are on our website.

Thursday 2 Feb
Tuesday 28 March
Tuesday 30 May
Tuesday 1 August

We had an excellent turnout last year to the various tests and Pilot Careers Live, we loved the opportunity to speak to some very determined Air Cadets, we look forward to helping more Air Cadets in 2023.

Remember that the funds raised from Aptitude Testing go towards funding a HCAP gliding scholarship!.

Keep an eye out on the HCAP website as flying and gliding scholarship applications are due to launch in Jan 2023!