You know what really makes me laugh?

We were talking about the the last 4 months at work today and 2 of us said we missed the early lockdown; fewer cars on the road, a lot fewer aircraft in the sky no contrails or noise and the silence. Now when I stand in my back garden late at night the ambient noise levels have gone up considerably compared to Mar/Apr and the contrails are visible on clear nights.
Odd how things go.

It’s the government spraying more Covid! Don’t let the leftist censored media tell you otherwise!


No it’s not. They only want you to think that so you don’t object to the 5G mast being installed


:shushing_face: don’t be silly, aliens. :alien:


A report made me smile today.
When people are allowed to go back to stadia to watch sport they shouldn’t go to the toilet unless they know it’s free. This conjures up messages on big screens, digital hoardings and loudspeaker announcements saying, ‘trap 2 is free, trap 1 is free but give it 10 …’.

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Seeing now, with the Govt announcing the tighter lockdown for Greater Manchester via Twitter, that HQAC were simply blazing a trail all these years.


From a personal account, of course, not the GovUK account.


NASA - marking the historic landing today. In the sea. Not on a nice runway. Thus actually setting us back around 60 years. Don’t claim it’s new, or better - it’s cheap!

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Well, the historic element is that this has been the first commercial operator to send and return humans to/from space.

Technologically the historic element was Feb '18 when the Falcon Heavy launched and we saw the twin booster return.

I thought it was SpaceX delivering NASA astronauts. Essentially, they’ve caught an Uber. Sort of.

At least it all went safely.

I’m hoping for a real return to the moon now!

Say what you will, at least there’s no chance of having to fight off bears like there is with Soyuz.

Cheap is better in a way?

i see where your coming from.

the return of “man” to planet earth does seem to have made a step backwards.

but this isn’t the same organisation - it isn’t as if Boeing have gone from the 787 and released a bi-plane and claim it is progress.

Space X are doing this for the first time, and as paracetamol has said, done so safely using a simple system which was first used
they are taking baby steps and i predict will in time use the “shuttle” based model

(Nasa formed in 1958 - 62 years, SpaceX formed in 2002, 18 years
The first Shuttle launch was in 1981, when Nasa had been operation 23 years by then…I am not suggest SpaceX will have it cracked in 5 years time just highlighting SpaceX are still new to the game)

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In all fairness returning boosters (and fairings now I think) for re-use in the way SpaceX have been doing is pretty damn revolutionary.

If that means they use a more traditional way of returning capsules so be it.

My understanding is that eventually they intend to reuse the returned capsules for manned flights which would be another first.

It’s probably easier and cheaper to get the shielding for re-entry right for capsules.
I’m still hoping for a TB3 type craft.

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The irony…

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