You know what really makes me laugh?




I feel like you can only really have one of those…


£8!!! someone’s been eating dodgy mushrooms again.


Trades Descriptions Act here. Flying, what flying.


It makes me laugh about the remoaners especially the media, wanting to try and discredit anything or anyone on the leave side of Britain escaping from Brussels bureaucracy.
I was asked a leave voter if I would still vote the same way and it was a surprised look when I said yes. As I explained when you look at how bloody awkward European negotiators have been and the two faced, mixed messages they send, it just shows how little they can be trusted and why we would want these people to have anymore say in how we run our country baffles me.
Most remoaners seem to be scared of change, while I say lets go for it.


The one I bought two weeks ago ( wanted to see if it was worth it) didn’t have the vigilant in it


Its all down to money.Without us 11% of their slush fund disappears and the French and the Germans (especially the Germans) will have to take up the slack. Merkel cant afford that politically and Macron just cant afford it.


Surely this needs to be sanctioned by HQAC!!

If it has been, why hasn’t it been advertised?

If it hasn’t, surely there must be some copyright infringements? Will HQAC tell Cadet Direct to stop selling this?

But there is no way HQAC will be nasty to Cadet Direct as they might stop making the pony rank slides!!

If a cadet buys one of these and it is not sanctioned by HQAC it is a waste of their money!

Or, is it the future? Will HQ tell us to buy them, like they have with Sqn Identification Badges?!!


On previous experience what do you reckon?


I’m just playing catch up in this thread now, but it’s a bit optimistic to suggest that mortgage lessons will be relevant to today’s school leavers.


That’s what worries me!!

We’ll be renaming ourselves again to the RAFACD!!


My TO has bought one out of curiosity.


One of the cadets in my squadron, back when I was a cadet in the 90’s had the ‘Air Cadet Pocket’ book. It was surprisingly good, except for the section on AIDS. I seem to remember it being doom laden, and quite scary for a bunch of 13 year olds!!


I’m surprised that you sanctioned that purchase!:grin:
Is it any good?


Spot on the other big two in the eu need us to pay in or they are knackered and if the eu funds drop all the hanger on little countries will be stuffed as they’ll need to pay in and not get the hand outs which is why they joined the eu.
At the moment Merkel is on her last legs in Germany but well on her way to seat on the eu gravy train. Macron has done an Obama and Bliar, lots of excitement and hype, that disappeared quicker than an iceberg on the sun, once they found out they can’t deliver.


HQAC are probably taking a cut.


When I wrote about the former OC2FTS moving into US Politics for the mid terms, I was joking…

But then I saw this photo and realised he may have already been indoctrinated into Trump’s ways of treating the ladies!

(legit photo from the Daily Telegraph -


On a separate tack who saw the Army getting all hissy fittish about the lads going to Greggs today?.Seems to me that the Army top brass are completely out of touch with the cheap and nasty crap served up by private catering companies in messes and MOD establishments across the country.I remember doing a camp at Halton not long after pay as you starve came in.The local burger van was dong a roaring trade from lads and lasses going through basic training.In the end they took RTS out of pay as you starve as the recruits werent getting enough nourishment to do the training.


I remember when Halton had a burger van on site. Was great!

I was there for a bit this year and it’s gone Sodexo… 4 blooming meatballs was the allowance!

I think they still run the Noodle Bar at lunchtime in the Maitland Mess, but it’s something like 3x the price. Didn’t get in there to check though.

Oddly, the Spar seemed to do a great trade. Can’t think why…


It’s not just the military.
When I started work we had a subsidised canteen, food was brilliant, good value, everyone ate there and was a good social. It then went through a series of contract caterers with the subsidy reducing as a result meals became poor value, less and less people used it except for breakfast. Now it’s vending machines, except for a limited breakfast and it’s like morgue. People bring in packed lunches, left overs, or something to microwave. Once a fortnight we order in pizza or go out to a local chippy, there have been some moans, but they have been told what to do.


It was the Dragoon Guards, and they were being told not to eat Gregg’s while in dress uniform, (pastry flakes don’t really cut the mustard when in your best.)

Seems reasonable enough to me.