You know what really makes me laugh?


It’s easy to mock with BS examples.
Not too sure how much you know about wedding rings, but the vast majority cost a few hundred quid but very little if you wanted to sell it on.
If you are walking around like I’ve seen several on the drive into work, phones at arms length, with headphones in oblivious to everything around them, if you were so inclined you could nick it and be gone before they knew what was going on.

Do you leaves windows and doors wide open and go out for the day?
Do you leave your car open with keys in?
I might be a bit old fashioned but I don’t leave things out in the car, they go in the boot or indoors. Doors and windows are shut and locked when we leave the house and we leave a couple of lights on at night.

It’s about taking personal responsibility, if something like these moped thefts are being reported in the area you’re in and you carry on as normal and get your phone nicked, then you’d need to be an idiot.


Ironically you might not have it after a moped attack.

It’s not about not liking mobile phones or not having nice things, but if it’s cost you money, surely you should want to ensure it is kept safe. Maybe a throw-away culture and something like a phone on a contract so you don’t actually own it, make people blasé about possessions in a way people never were.


I would actually look squarely at the teachers and their background…
How many teachers now have been outside the classroom environment in respect to many years ago, when you would of had a (male) teacher who would of done national service and seen some of the real world, a gap year is doesn’t really count in most cases its a glorified holiday.

people, now I feel are being qualified and trained but not properly educated!
they have the certificates and degrees but not the experience or real knowledge to go with them, there for as we continue on this path the following generation will have the boxes ticked but not the actual ability to fulfil them


Have to agree I had a chemistry teacher at school. He d served in the RAF working with Thor missiles.He really awakened my interest in aviation and chemistry.He was a top bloke.


Many years ago we had a Squadron training officer whose main employment was a taxi driver on black cabs, who never talked about his time as a Thor technician. Project Emily was still a restricted subject.


One the history teachers spent some of the summer holidays on archaeological digs and was really interesting, especially when he bought in some of the things he found as it gave it context, and a chemistry and physics teacher who had worked in petro chemical labs for 5 years after uni. Bangs, flames and smells made the lessons memorable.


Oh how I chuckle when former senior officers start spouting about defence spending. Now former General Nick Houghton has piped up.
Where were all these concerns and financial piety when he was in his various roles, no doubt (with his cronies) overseeing the spending of billions on pie in the sky projects with no end.


Ladies and gents,

Watch out for 26 year old desk fans. They might explode.



It’s probably being investigated by the AIB since it looks like a propeller! :joy::rofl::joy:


We better instigate a Pause in fan operations!!




Well that’s 25 years and 11 months longer than the one we got for the office, after some chump decided to throw the one we had (a good 20 years old) just because it was old. Got it replaced, but the old one was working fine.


More police or not, like it or not there are people out there in the bad world that don’t follow the same rules as you nor think like you or any normal law abiding citizen.

You can moan and take the mock all you want but everyone should have a sense of self preservation about themselves.

I should be able to walk around with my phone out, but the reality is I can’t. And if you are walking down the street head in your phone with no spacitial awareness, then why do you think is going to happen? At least you are going to walk into a lamp post, at most you are going to receive a serious assault that could have been prevented/mitigated, or given yourself a chance to defend yourself (and end up in court and charged for your inherent right to self defence because the justice system defends the criminals)


In simple terms they are all fart and no turd.

It’s the same with the public services and increasingly the military. Everyone can list off the ingredients and fancy names and figures in a can of baked beans but no one can open the tin.


The cake shop winning in the Supreme Court today and even more so Peter Tatchell supporting the decision.
At last some common sense in this BS about what people can’t do when faced with social engineering going on in society to make the majority scared of what they say or do. Let’s hope for more.


A carefully nuanced decision actually. A distinction, which when pointed out, is obvious.

However, I feel like the bakery in question should have declined to make the cake at all, rather than agree, get paid, then decide not to.


Two points, they did refund the money and the complainants it appears went ‘shopping’ for a complaint and used this shop as a target because they were aware of the religious views of the owners.



Gutted I didn’t manage to get my comment in before that thread was locked, that was the funniest thing I’ve read all week!


Some people just make lives hard for everybody.


The new (2018-2019 edition) cadet resource book on cadet direct.