You know what really makes me laugh?


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The newly christened ‘Rostov-on-Gone’ :joy:

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Someone on the local Facebook market place is selling a bike for £150.

The bike sells new for £1k. Its tyres need pumping up as it’s “been sat in the shed” but he “doesn’t have the right pump” to do it.

I’m tempting to put in an offer just so I can ask to see the receipt…

It’s stolen. Report it


Believe me, there’s more than just those snippets of info giving that away…

Is there a car on bricks roadside and a sofa in the front garden?

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I grew up in the area he’s from. There’s not a snowball in hell’s chance that someone who lives there legitimately has a £1k bike.

Dave McChavington the seller?

Apologies to all Daves

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Of the Macclesfield McChavingtons?

Waiting to collect my new car. Slight delay whilst they get the police to remove someone. They’re refusing to accept they can no longer do a part exchange because they rear ended someone on the way to the showroom and damaged the front of their car.

At least I get a free milkshake while I wait.


Is that a Mac running Windows?

Or is it just just a monitor?

Just a monitor I think

If it is a Mac monitor it will be running a Thunderbolt connector so the PC will have to be running a TB2 GPU or higher. Expensive way to display Windows! My money is on an iMac running Bootcamp for Windows.

No I don’t get out much.

I’m the one that spotted it.

Don’t know enough about Macs, but unless it’s a really old one, that’s an expensive way to run Windows even it isn’t just an expensive way to display it.

Doesn’t seem like a genuine dual boot use case to justify it.

True, though I have seen places use old Macs to run old versions of IE on Windows, either on bare metal or in a VM.

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I bootcamped my 2009 MacBook Pro for the sole purpose of being able to play dawn of war. Ah those heady days of needless frivolity.

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if anyone would like to see the joy on a 13 year old’s face during light aviation take a look at the below - just the engine run up on the ground gets the joy flowing but it continues for the whole flight