You know what really makes me laugh?


A lot of the issues with modern electronics are down to the requirement to use lead-free solder for environmental reasons.

But ultimately much of how electronics are seen is down to the rate of progress with the electronics - a device made five years later than another will be so much more advanced that few people will want the five-year-old one, which makes it largely worthless even if it was working perfectly. So why bother making it last twenty years? Not to mention the fact that the limiting factor is usually the lithium-ion battery - you could have a mobile with a Ni-Cad battery, but it’d be hopeless. Keep changing the battery and an iPhone will quite happily last well into obsolescence. Or if you just want literally a mobile phone, buy one - no one is stopping you!


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Angela Merkel has taken 5 months to form a coalition govt and from what I saw on BBC news this morning, the tone was it’s taken a while but this was OK. But I suppose when you are a country which has a political system geared to coalitions, as you are scared of a single party having power, then you will let it take as long as possible and not complain.
If it took a British govt 5 days to form a coalition there would be portents of doom from all corners and the country being plunged into a political darkness and then when they did, it would be seen as a compromise and yearnings to form a minority govt, with a plethora of political wannabes.
I can’t see that in those 5 months in Germany, Germany has become a jibbering wreck of a country.


Ah, but let’s wait and see what happens in Italy!!!


It would be good to see Italy vote in a party that wants to leave the eu and they have a referendum and give Brussels two fronts to fight on.
Then the Dutch follow suit.
I’d let the eu have that moaning Minnie Sturgeon in the form of an independent Scotland, just so she wallow in a mire of her own doing. The shame is she will drag Scotland down with her.


Don’t speak such folly. She doesn’t speak for the people of Scotland.

She’s ruined the public services. The police, fire and ambulance are an absolute shambles. The “ciriculum of excellence” is a joke. And she wants to keep centralising power.

The SNP won’t survive another term.


I am aware of this I just think she needs to see just how small a fish she is in the wider political pond and I think people like Juncker, Tusk, Barnier and Sturgeon deserve each other.



Who you calling old?!


Listening to the stories about developers buying land for housing and not building on it.

The answer has to be quite simple;
don’t build within a certain period permission removed and fined,
don’t complete within a set time frame, company blacklisted nationally and fined. all set in building and land legal regulation frameworks.
Most components for houses seem to come on the back of a lorry now, there is very little evidence of. I’ve seen sites go, around our way, from muddy field to small village in 3-4 months and other just sit becoming ‘nature reserves’.


I would imagine that based on the new planning “get on & do it” proposals, any “delaying” factors would be under the microscope in order to meet all the necessary requirements.


Developers should be obliged to start building within two years or lose planning permission. They should also be made to finish the development within a specified timescale (without bodge building!!!).


Don’t have the source, but on the radio today, this was mentioned too - i.e. no sitting on land purchases to maximise increase value / returns.


I just got planning permission for my house (on appeal) and it has a requirement to begin in three years or lose it. If that isn’t being applied to large developments then something stinks.


Had plenty of people do a ‘reply all’ on a wing-wide email before, this is the first time I’ve seen someone accidentally do the same for the entire corps though.


I soo want to email Rob as well, just to make sure they’ve seen it.
You know, just doing my bit.


Had a work colleague do this for an “apply for manager’s position” email - replied to all (the company). They said “yes please” but then berated them for the poor spelling / grammar content of the original email. Oh did we laugh; I was in a hotel & walked into a pillar as I couldn’t see for all my tears of laughter! :rofl:


it not a source but is the article I believe you heard (i also heard it too)

BBC News link


Large companies can use legal means (too expensive for ordinary folk) to get extensions if they just sit on land waiting for the value to rise.
It seems odd that 10 years ago, land would have been cheap, plenty of people to do the work and yet construction stopped.