You know what really grinds my gears? The Gears Strike Back


Internets gone rubbish again, another fault on the line. To be fair to them, they are coming out tomorrow to have a look.

This will be the 4th time since jan theyve been out for a fault.

Toying with trying to get out of internet contract with them because the service is so poor

If its a fault on the line, that’s an OpenReach issue… Hate them, not sky in this case!

I just want more than 4mbs internet :joy:

Move to a town then :slight_smile:

To be fair we don’t have great connectivity, to the point where swapping the Squadron to 4G was faster than BT!

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We can get 900mbps in our road now but tied in with sky who dont offer fiber yet

If that 900mbps is for Virgin, don’t do it.

I used to work for one of their rivals many years ago. Well over 50% of all the people who switched to use did so because of how poor Virgin were.

Naaa its not virgin. Trooli. Loads peeps in the road have transfered and rave about it but we still have a year of contract left

Currently with Virgin, constant issues if we both work from home and the TV sometimes in the evening.

Waiting for Toob to install so we can flip, will likely pay for both of still in my 18months with Virgin.

Some providers were offering help to get out of contracts. Or maybe work could cover it?

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Work said nope, already tried that :joy:

So her mums had a flu like thing since a couple of days before discharge from hospital on fri, today i woke up feeling a bit rough, given ive been in the hospital every evening last week.

Did a test, Turns out Southampton Generals leaving gift to her was covid.

DST and a 5pm car nap for both children has resulted in me watching cbeebies at 10pm and cancelling tomorrow’s canoe trip for me and the toddler.

Less than 7 day response time for corps questions. eg. RFCA reports etc. I regret to inform you I work for a living and need at least 2 weeks to adequately respond.


New router as last option, engineer said if this doesnt work ringing up and can cancel contract with no fees.

Gotta give it 2 weeks though

Just paid over £600 for my car insurance renewal. I actually feel slightly sick. Last year was £500. That’s a 20% increase over last year. Admiral, who I was with, quoted over £800 for the auto-renew, and wouldn’t go lower than £730 when I called to cancel.

The £600 was the cheapest I could find through all the comparison sites and going direct to some etc.

Absolute joke. It makes the 25ppm we get even more annoying.

Yeah I certainly don’t condone driving without insurance, but the more instances of renewals like these that I read about, the more I understand driving without insurance.

Car bill of £600

Or, now, don’t get.

It’s a vicious feedback loop too. More people risking it because of the cost, which means there are more crashes involving uninsured drivers, which puts the cost of insurance up for those who do pay, which means more people risk it, etc.