You know what really grinds my gears? The Gears Strike Back


The whole of sharepoint is littered with examples of this and they wonder why people are reluctant to use it.

The question you have to ask, is would you personally set up a folder and not put something in it, either virtual or real?

IMO this is to give us the impression they’re doing something or got something to say.


Grinding my gears. Customers who come out of their house and have a go at me for delivering a packet to a neighbours house when I can see that the ticket in question is from a rival delivery company


[quote=“steve679” post=16467]what GMG??

Folders that are set up but have NOTHING them?? what is the point??? great the folder structure makes sense but not if it has no substance

todays culprit? the 2FTS folders seen on the ACO Controlled Document page…three folders and only one document between them all…!!

“ooh 2FTS folders! i wonder what they want us to know…*clicks 2FTS” …oh empty
*hovers over 2FTS flying" - hang on i thought 2FTS were only looking after gliding…hmmm…*clicks 2FTS flying"…oh empty
*clicks 2FTS Gliding"…oh empty!!! :mad:
*clicks 2FTS Orders"…oh would you look at that! a file…which looks to be primarily information/orders for VGSs and throughout refers to 3FTS Flying…

and i’d forgive them if this was being editted as i look but this was done over a week ago!

Four folders, for one file and its pointless![/quote]IMO if you’re using a shared file system then there’s nothing wrong with having empty folders, as it shows the structure and ensures that people know where things should go. We use a shared system at work and there are plenty of empty folders awaiting files on it.

However, the fact that Sharepoint doesn’t seem to have a file structure that can be explained in a few sentences is something of an issue!


Corrected that for you :wink:


It does of course depend how long they stay empty.


It does of course depend how long they stay empty.[/quote]Well, 2FTS has only existed for about 8 weeks!


Your not wrong in what you say SA, but realistically, a cadet can do little or nothing to change toxic leadership in a badly run squadron, particularly if that toxic management is unknown to higher echelon. (Or should I say ignored until it causes problems for the higher echelon?). Its hard enough for adult staff to turn around units unless they are in command positions and even they need support from outside and above to really do so. Its a process that can take years and many minor changes and machiavellian moves particularly if the toxic manager isn’t removed and replaced to begin with.

You know my history. I moved on and kept moving ultimately until I found a cadet force worth giving up my time for. Toxic management is everywhere and I’ve experienced it in the ACF too. But the difference was a willingness to do something about it that lasts and is effective. I am now a newly appointed DC of a detachment that has been badly run for the last 2 years by someone who is distracted and disinterested even if well-meaning. That has been recognised by the higher echelon and they are behind my changes and reform that I will bring to this unit.

Shortstack, you are 16 and you should be enjoying the ATC. You clearly have invested a lot and have been rewarded with promotion but you arent enjoying it anymore because of the lack of direction. You must do whatever you feel is right, but I don’t think things are going to change very quickly unless your lacklustre staff are all sacked tomorrow. If you do complain outside of the Sqn heirarchy you will likely be hounded out of the squadroon if not summarily dismissed. The stupendously lazy and utterly incompent in the cadet forces often have very precious egos and take great offence at any criticism directed at them by a cadet, or even if suspected instigated by one.

So yeah, move squadrons. The fight isn’t worth it and you are unlikely to change anything. It maybe that th biggest broadside you can fire at them. They might pause to reflect why one of their formerly keen and committed cadets is upping sticks and moving on.


Email from H&S at HQAC.

Contains the link to the newsletter on Sharepoint but because of THE IMPORTANCE OF THE CONTENT the newsletter is already attached.

And it is VERY IMPORTANT, assuming that you’re planning on hiring a bouncy castle.


[quote=“MattB” post=18136]Email from H&S at HQAC.

Contains the link to the newsletter on Sharepoint but because of THE IMPORTANCE OF THE CONTENT the newsletter is already attached.

And it is VERY IMPORTANT, assuming that you’re planning on hiring a bouncy castle.[/quote]

Summer camps coming and given how bad the injury was, guess they want it out ahead of that


What grinds my gears?

The fact its 2300 on the 7/7…and theres been NOTHING said. Nothing on the news. Nothing on facebook.

Disgusted. And very much upset.

We should not forget.


[quote=“RearAdmiralScrinson” post=19576]What grinds my gears?

The fact its 2300 on the 7/7…and theres been NOTHING said. Nothing on the news. Nothing on facebook.

Disgusted. And very much upset.

We should not forget.[/quote]
There was small piece about the memorial being defaced and that was about it.
Maybe the people if affects don’t want national coverage every year, unlike some groups who seem to crave attention year on year looking to apportion blame. This doesn’t mean it’s forgotten, probably just a more personal and private affair and we should respect this. Personally I wouldnt want cameras pointed in my face or having the events dragged up every single year to satisfy other people. I imagine it may get a couple of column inches today and maybe next year on the tenth anniversary there will be full blown national coverage.
The fact you say there is nothing on FB is oh so refreshing.


Sadly facebook syndrome is a massive part of our culture now. I expected at least 1 or of my friends to say something about it. Or some godawful picture that people would like and share to get a warm fuzzy feeling of doing something but it actual fact doing FA. At least it would have got people talking
I know people who didnt even know what the date signified. One even proclaimed “How embarrassing I think you mean 9.11?”

And coverage doesnt have to be waving a camera in peoples faces, or interveiwing all the victims or families. Or assigning blame, we all know whos the blame.
A headline, a minute silence, just a small spot on the news between which celebrity did bloody what and that DJ (who wasnt even British) who died. Even a gesture no matter how small, to respect the 52 innocent people who died, the 700 injured, and the Families left behind to pick up the pieces.


I don’t wish to see unduly hard or harsh but I feel we get too many instances of national reporting of things that are IMO personal. Maybe the first anniversary could have a broader coverage, but after that they should be allowed to become personal/family affairs, with the media told to poke it.

However there are a few instances where the families / associated groups sadly almost demand national coverage on a regular basis.

It is different for the national acts of remembance as the events affected the whole country, touched many millions of lives and had people not acted the way they did our national identity could have been very different.


I am sorry but I have to disagree massively!

It was a attack on a National Scale. It was an attack on everything we work and stand for.

Ok so we have more coverage on an African DJ killed in a jetski accident.
We have more coverage on some crap Actor that died due to his own bad driving.
Micheal Schumacher even gets more bloody coverage.
Whatever next bloody waste of space celebrity dies.
We have more coverage on utter crap and your saying that a Terrorist attack on a peaceful and democratic society under the premise of some religion?!
52 innocent people. Innocent. On the way to work, to see families, to see friends, all races, all religions, were killed.
700 were maimed. Lost Limbs. Will never get over the trauma and horror they saw or experienced.

You are very much wrong. A tip of the hat is all it needs. Not interveiws. A small little bit of respect. A minutes silence.

I agree there is a minority that demands more coverage than it deserves but this is certainly not one of those times!


If we had a minute silence for every tragedy that affects us, we’ll soon spend the whole year in silence…

Actually, more coverage has been given to 7/7 over the past years than Shoemaker etc, and probably for good reason. But too much coverage and those that use “terror” as a weapon win. You’re right to day never forget, but in respectful measure. Also people remember in their own way, prescribing your preferred method isn’t necessarily for everyone.

Perhaps the best response to 7/7 is to say as a county we were wounded, but have picked ourselves up and not let it change us.


I agree with the last bit but this isnt just “some tragedy”.
People know all about 9.11… we can all remember where we were. We all remember seeing the footage of the second plane, live on air.
Christ, people were more concerned last year when that doorknob Andy Murray won wimbledon. And that toilet Salmond waving his flag behind him.

Why should people be more concerned with that then an attack on our own home soil. I remember watching the news, the grainy cctv footage. The mobile phone footage. If I remember correctly I even remember someone called the News station live on air while trapped in a tunnel. I had bloody goosebumps. I was angry.

It should not be forgotten. We owe the victims and those left behind at least that much.


The use of Team **** as opposed to the ***** Team.
Watching the news talking about the English Team or England’s Team for the Commonwealth Games, it seems to have degenerated to the dumbed down Team England. This seems to have stemmed from the Yanks a few years ago.

Also while watching the World Cup the commentators referred to players as the England, France, German, Chile etc player as opposed to English, French, German, Chilean etc. Another case of dumbing down IMO.


That damned tesco petrol advert. Where the stupid cartoon woman overtakes a car then UNDERtakes the next.

Learn to drive properly you bint.


[quote=“RearAdmiralScrinson” post=19794]That damned tesco petrol advert. Where the stupid cartoon woman overtakes a car then UNDERtakes the next.

Learn to drive properly you bint.[/quote]

surely it is is the care that is being undertaken that is being a “bint” for not driving appropriately?

under-taken is permitted…middle/centre-lane hoggers is not


She clearly overtakes the vehicle. Then undertakes the next moving back into the lane of traffic. In an aggressive manner. It would be permissable if she stayed in the normal lane of traffic (left hand lane).

“The Highway Code discourages undertaking on motorways with some exceptions (rule 268): “Do not overtake on the left or move to a lane on your left to overtake”. Undertaking is permitted in congested conditions when frequent lane changing is not recommended. On other roads, the Code advises drivers “should only overtake on the left if the vehicle in front is signalling to turn right” (rule 163). Rule 163 uses advisory wording and “will not, in itself, cause a person to be prosecuted”, but may be used in evidence to establishing liability in any court proceedings. On all roads, undertaking is permitted if the vehicles in the lane to the right are queueing and slow moving. Undertaking in an aggressive or reckless manner could be considered Careless Driving or more seriously Dangerous Driving, both of which are legally enforceable offences.”

There was no need for her to undertake recklessly.

You can take your foot of the accelerator you know…If she was driving with due care and attention she would have been looking well enough ahead.

That being said the car in question that was sitting in the “middle” (the overtaking lane) lane should have been driving properly too.

You use the left hand lane then move out to the over taking lane to overtake then move back into the normal lane of traffic.