Worst MRE's for an FTX (and why)?


Ive heard that the peanut butter paste causes constipation and some other mre tastes bad…

What are your guy’s experience on the MRE and which have youve found to be horrible or avoid at all cost?


When you’re hangry, it’s been 10 hours since your last bit of any food, you’ve been running all over an airfield in the middle of the night and it’s -12, you don’t give a toss and scoff it down before it’s lukewarm.

After that, anything’s a bonus.

If you’ve got time to choose, you’ve got too much time!


I’ve no idea how your Canadian MREs compare to our British “Rat Packs” but the current batch we have are all good.
I found the old ones to be fine also, despite everyone complaining about the Corned Beef Hash in Menu D… Yum, yum, yum


i recall being told as a Cadet the “biscuit browns” bung you up, while the fruit biscuits loosen you out…to be used at the appropriate times!


Was I the only person who really liked the corned beef hash then?


Nope. It was delicious when a dash of tabasco was added.


Was my absoute favourite!


That was a meal fit for a king


I still miss mixed fruit pudding…

The Dutch ration pouches are very good, the Indonesian chicken curry and the goulash particularly…


I actually have cravings of the new sweet and sour chicken pasta thats in rat pack 7. One of the nicest meals avaliable in the field


Certainly not!
Everyone used to give them away to me… I had a stash for ages, until eventually they all got eaten up at home when I couldn’t be bothered to go shopping.