Working Time Directive

I’m trying to get my head around this, but it’s proving more difficult that I first thought.

Any experts out there?

I’m just wondering if anyone can shed some light onto how much annual I am entitled to by law.

I work 12 hours shifts, 7days on/7days off, with a half hour break each working day.

so 11.5x7 = 80.5hrs = 161hrs every 4 weeks.

I suspect that we may be getting short changed, but would like to be told (with reference) what is the right answer (in hours preferably!)

Also - how many hours would need to be booked, if I were to take a shift off (7days or 80.5 working hours)


You might want to try this out

As a contract worker I don’t get any holiday pay which sucks (well I do but its included in my hourly rate)

Totally different answers each time.

The most reliable is the shift pattern calculator which works out:

Every 28days I work 2 shifts each comprising of 80.5hrs worked.

Churns out a 2.8 shift entitlement or 225.4hrs off - or 19 and a half days (ish) off.

Whats it say in your contract?


but others in the company that work the same shifts (different position) just got a letter to say that their entitlement was wrong and they way that they had worked it out was wrong and they’re getting more.

Holiday entitlement can depend on length of service not just hours worked, also if you work shifts you may find that your holiday is built into the general shift pattern, ie you will get one of two longer breaks or one long break and 2/3 shorter breaks. This is interesting for those with kids in school and all the palava around term time holidays.
Also depending on how the work pattern dictates you may or may not get Bank Holidays built in.

Used to be the case, where after 5 years each year thereafter you got an extra day, but they discontinued that.

Shift pattern is 7 on/7 off.

Also depending on how the work pattern dictates you may or may not get Bank Holidays built in.[/quote]

Noone in the company gets bank holidays, we get time in lieu.

Every day is a working day in the oil industry! Including Christmas day and new years day. (speaking of which, I am working both this year… on nightshift.)