Work experience opportunities?

Do we offer Work Experience to cadets who are in their final year at school or in sixth Form at school?

Any help or info would be appreciated



i presume you mean in the RAF?
they have been rapidly disappearing lately

the only opportunities i recall seeing recently have been for Regtiment experience but are often cancelled due to factors outside of HQAC control.

work experience can be completed on camps if the Camp Com is offered some notice/warning (or at least i have heard of examples) and i know RIAT has a system in place to tick the relevant requirements Cadets need for work experience.

Yes I’m sorry about that I should of been clear in my message :blush: , I was referring to the RAF.

I was looking at Work experience during school term, so they can do work experience with the RAF instead of the school choosing a placement for them for the week!

Some air bases have their own placement schemes not advertised through the ATC or CCF.

Check out your local base and see if there is anything there! Remember unlike ATC placements you may find you need to travel daily to the base for the scheme.

Here is RAF Marhams 2014 scheme.

Some bases do have their own work experience schemes, I know someone who went to Benson, however I believe it was only 4 days and they weren’t in just one area unlike the cadet work experience that used to happen Archive where you could say, I want to do avionics or mechanical and then go to Cosford, or I think there was a police one etc. for a week and have accommodation etc. etc. unfortunately scrapped just when I wanted to go.

I was able to arrange work experience for 2 cadets to Fylingdales earlier this year, but rather than role specific, the placement was designed to give an overall idea about what happens/which sections do what on a station.
The cadets enjoyed it immensely, and one of them has had a shift in focus as to what trade they want to apply for when they leave school.
At camp this year, we had 2 cadets attend TEF for their work experience, but this was in addition to their school work experience slot.

Wow! Schools that still offer work experience placements - we don’t have any of that around here anymore! Local government shifts saw that whole scheme axed. The Education Business Partnerships had to charge the school directly for placements (rather than the LA footing the bill) and, at £120 per placement, the uptake took a very rapid drop off!

As such, we’ve seen more cadets than normal start asking about work experience. Regrettably, all we can do is direct them to the oversubscribed RAF open access work experience placements at our local RAF stations. Alternatively, the various “Look at Life” and “Insight” courses offer an excellent opportunities too - although the Army appear to have cottoned on and recently switched their tack to be “by application only” (ie, through your AFCO, do your BARB, then apply).

Bring back WO Work Experience. He was instrumental in helping a number of cadets get a real insight into the RAF today.

Found a consortium that offer a week long work experience, with no guarantee to be accepted, they charge £70.00 but the real kicker is if the RAF have to cancel for any reason you only get half of your fee back…

I’m sure there is a lesson there somewhere :slight_smile:

Random Idea but there is a lot in the media recently about volunteer being recruited for various organisations, effectively cheap work experience.

With the back log at HQAC & payroll, anyone thought of contacting them to see if there is some admin tasks cadets could do for work experience/volunteering?

I know a couple of cadets interested in working in HR - might solve two problems in one go. As long as the cadet is suitable to the role and not just plonked in it could be beneficial to all.

I have managed to arrange work experience placements for cadets on RAF stations in the past as part of their school work experience, however the only problem was evening supervision as the RAF will only act as supervisors during normal working hours.

We got around this by the parents taking their caravan or staying in a B&B and having a week away in the locality and the cadet went to them in the evening.

The other way was to use Sqn contacts to get placements at local airports.

Most work experience placements now if schools still do it are self placements arranged by the child/parent.