Wooden Rifles for Drill/Fieldcraft

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Looking to see if anyone has been able to find any details at all around policy on the use of wooden cut-outs for drill or fieldcraft. I’ve seen mentions of a “complete ban” in the PAMs/ACFTIs, but I cannot even find a sentence mentioning imitations in the new ones, much less a cut-out.

Anyone able to impart some wisdom and point to any relevant policy around these? Wondering if it’s going to be included in the ACP16 which was meant to drop earlier this month

Many thanks in advance!

I believe there was a change in the most recent release of ACP18, now allowing their use.


It’s in ACP 18, Para 4-09 sub-para e.

For Fieldcraft, also see Para 4-23, for Drill, see 4-27

My sqn uses hockey sticks :rofl:


Not an awful idea to be fair!

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I don’t intend to be pedantic or anything but later in the ACP it refers to imitation rifles as “Plastic / rubber imitation or replica weapons”. It seems that this is more intended for stand-ins that look the part and could fly in the more legal use of the term “imitation fire-arm”.

By wooden cut-outs, I mean a literal cut-out on a bit of MDF in the rough shape of an L98, and I don’t quite think that’s covered in the new ACP. Kinda like Cadet Direct sells, but even more basic.

I really appreciate the info though! Just wondering if there’s any policies on things that don’t look the part, but to the cadet can feel the part a little more

That para says DDH approval so go with that and see if it gets approved.

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