Womens plus size uniform

Struggling to find a womens blouse 41/120 both working blue and wedgewood, does anywhere have any?

Bigger sizes can be special measured via stores, but they take a long time.

Yeh I gather that :pensive: the only ones I can find or get are max 112, but person is measuring 117cm. They’ve offered mens but this cadet is upset as she hates not having the correct uniform.

Before lockdown it was getting rarer and rarer to get female shirts for cadets. Most of my lot are in male shirts as it’s all we got.

I’m no tailor but could you not get the largest female shirt and use some material from another one to alter it? 5cm isn’t a huge amount and I would imagine a half decent tailor could fix it much cheaper and much quicker than getting a custom one from stores.

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Working blue standard order only goes up to 39/112 and 40/112 for wedge wood so only route will be custom order

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Have you tried ebay?

I’ve found some larger than standard MTP trousers before.

I know of a Staff member who need a larger none stock size who obtained her wedgewood shirt from a workwear site it was however with the double pockets, the Shirt manufacturer was Double Two and I think it was around the £10 mark

Double 2 made some good shirts
I use them for my No1s but they have stopped producing them now

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Has she tried a 112cm? It might still fit considering the sizes aren’t exactly perfect and there’s likely to be some (slight) measuring error anyway

Also, as others say, the male shirt is more a unisex shirt now to be honest (and it doesn’t have the stupid darts)

I tend to agree, I try them in male shirts and then advise a search on eBay/other online outfits if required.