WO Crown for No 1s


Anyone know the dimensions required for the badge itself (not the positioning)? Nothing in AP1358C. The ones inordered from ammo & co are tiny and doesnt feel lime they are the right size.


I can measure some later if nobody knows.
Did you order some sort of blue Major’s crowns by mistake?

If you could that would be amazing! Yeah think ive ordered the wrong thing (picture for reference)

Any link to the right thing would be amazing

That crown is for a flight sergeant on a greatcoat. Maybe try searching for ‘ATC crown’ hope this helps.

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I measure them at 63mm at the widest and 58mm high, plus or minus a bit.

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Will need to go on a hunt! Many thanks :slight_smile:

Think it’s probably best all round if you just stay as FS :stuck_out_tongue: