WO ATF - Now Recruiting!

Stumbled across this FTRS vacancy the other day…



Odd, I assumed they were going to replace Mitch with the FS there and this was just a crossover period!

Perhaps WO ATF should be the CACWO. It will bring consistancy in the ATC for D and D


Don’t be silly, that would make sense!

Sorry, was I thinking loudly?

[quote=“the silverback” post=13293]Perhaps WO ATF should be the CACWO. It will bring consistancy in the ATC for D and D


How much more consistency could you get from being the person who teaches and qualifies every SNCO DI in the organsiation?

There is more to the CACWO or even a WO role than drill (discipline is the enforcement of policy laid down by others).
In addition both roles would take up a lot of time and an individual doing both would be unlikly to do either the justice they deserve.

Finally one of the roles of CACWO is to act as the ‘shop steward’ for the Non-Commission parts of the organsiation. He or she cannot do that unless they are and have been a CFAV for many years and know what its like at grass roots. Last thing we want as CACWO is someone who knows nothing about the ACO and who’s only experience is as a regular WO. All that would happen is that will issue edicts at top level that would be ignored at Sqn level as they either don’t make sense or impractical to implement in reality.

I believe that the FS at ATF is one of the candidates.

Indeed, CACWO has a wide role.
As WO to the Commandant it basically encompasses advising her and representing on almost anything that has to do with Non Commissioned staff. She could ask the CACWO for any number of things.
ATF are simply a training unit who work for CAC. That training unit should have it’s own dedicated WO who can focus solely on that unit’s mission.

WO CTT focuses on the remit of the Central Training Team. I’m sure the JL Course will have a course WO for their purpose. Same with the SATTs.

Some of the problems we’ve had in the past have been because ATF have been too comfy making policy decisions and acting outside their remit.
They should exist to train staff in accordance with CACs wishes for her organization.

There needs to be that separation.

The post has to be advertised.
If Jerry has chosen to apply then I think he’s a strong candidate. He’s got a sensible outlook and a good manner.
And he gets just as frustrated by the weird staff (the type which brought about my ‘relationship and big picture’ thread) as we do; which fills me with a lot of confidence in him :wink:

Time will tell.