Withdrawal of UK FMT 600 & Additional Training for B Class Drivers

the above is in the scrolling ACO Announcements banner but the link is to the personal accident insurance…

it can be found here

seems a sensible move although does still require drivers to be registered at a parent station

With the exception of taking the small task of writing on a pink bit of card away from the drone in MT Licensing (and only in relation to group B vehicles) it is business as usual.

Which is a stupid idea, since your local WHQ may rent you a vehicle via Phoenix, they need some way of knowing you have been to the MT section and done the check drive/read orders/done matrix. Our HQ are talking about issuing a psuedo-license. All this saves is a piece of pink car and four minutes of someone entering the data on the MT system. If you go to a new station, start all over again.

[quote]2.Drivers of all MOD vehicles (including those hired through the Phoenix Contract) must be registered at their Parent Unit MT Section. This encompasses:

a. An initial registration at MT. Drivers’ will need to sign orders, present their driving licence, provide a licence ‘check code’ to enable access their driving record (available on the Govt website) and take a familiarisation ‘test’.

b. An annual re-signing of MT orders and licence check (as above), and

c. Completion of the Highway Code (Matrix) Test (available here) every five years.
I’m a bit lost. Isn’t an FMT600 just a record of the fact that you’ve done exactly that?

Seems so. I imagine this is the sort of change that works in the military environment where you can pitch up to MT and get a vehicle, but not so much out in the real world.

Exactly, because the office you ring to ask for a car, will be the one’s who have access to the list of drivers checked off.

And of course that office would be on the base where you work and you would be able to waste your time there whenever needed by your day job as that actually would be part of your job.

Not a 2 hour journey each way to support a hobby and only available when you are probably employed to do something completely different.