Wing Staff

Is it normal…

For one person to hold 3 Sqn Ldr positions? At wing level.

I.e. they are a Sqn ldr but ‘doing’ 3 wing posts.

And believe me I use the term doing in the loosest possible way!

I’ve known it before.

Surely no different to a short staffed Squadron where the few staff have to do multiple roles.

Not enough staff = more work for those there at every level

“Double hatting” isn’t new in the ATC or in the real world. Too many “jobs” not enough people. I couldn’t imagine a world where one every single person had one job and that’s all they did, mainly as there isn’t, in many cases, enough meat to make them jobs in their own right. Unless people are employed for 2-3 hours a week.

How “good” anyone might be is a different matter.

in our wing we’ve got a long standing Sqn Ldr who holds two “Wing roles”…

it wouldn’t surprise me to hear there is someone doing three…

Certainly in my wing most of the “full-time” (ie not on a unit) wing staff are multi-hatted, not sure anyone is simultaneously in 3 sqn ldr billets simultaneously though.