Wing Charity Overeach - Grant Requests

So a recent directive has come out saying that if we are applying for a grant that is regionally specific for cadets, we now need approval of the “Wing Executive Committee” to submit the grant.

We have to raise the initial request via the CoC so it can then be presented to the Wing Committee to be approved.

I think the intent is sound, these organisations have a limited pool of funds and funding 23 flight sims is not suitable, but it still feels like overreach to me given the Squadron (currently) is it’s own excepted charity.

With the way the charity/civilian pillar currently exists, this is overreach. Surely the squadron is is own charity with its own trustees so cash pretty much apply for what it likes in terms of grants.

Another way of putting it, what cad the wind CWC do if a squadron CWC applies without ‘permission’?


Who are the ‘Wing Executive Committee’?

Have they been voted into that position, who forms the said committee, what powers do they have and in the words of the late Tony Benn, how do we get rid of them?


I suspect this is part of the planned restructuring of CivComs to be more centralised. Amalgamation of the different funding streams could lead to an overall increased funding allocation due to the significantly increased number of beneficiaries.

But as with all changes it would need to be properly communicated, and I’m not sure that’s happening.


WCO, DWCO, Select WSOs, WWO, and maybe Wing Chair as a guest?

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If that’s the case it would surely be even more wrong? CFAVs unrelated to the sqn CWC making decisions about what they can/can’t apply for? :thinking: Doesn’t seem ideal.


I don’t deny it. But that’s my understanding of WEC anyway.

Could be wrong, and could be somewhere else uses the term a different way. The “present to the wing committee” suggests something along those lines though.

If that is the case it seems strange that non-sqn CFAV are attempting to exert influence over sqn CWC decisions - regardless of it being before or after any switch to wing management of funds.


Therefore, they should have no decision-making ability over non-public funds but apply to the Wing Civ Com for said funds on a case by case basis.

Wg Chair + Treasurer + a selection of Sqn Chairs to act as a sub committee of the full wing committee.

Where in any of our approved guidance docs does it outline this.

Its utter nonsense.

If this is the way the corps goes, its going to have to find a hell of alot of funding as sqns wont bother themselves at all.

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This has been done before, they previously stopped Squadrons applying direct to the RAF Charitable Trust for similar reasons, only so much cash to go round and wanting to ensure what we got would assist the maximum number of Cadets.

just means the Wing Chair is going to have a very busy time.

Ah it’s that one, I know of it.

However I don’t see that they should get to dictate in this way. The only exception would be if there was good reason to put in a bulk application for multiple squadrons, but this seems the wrong way around.

The Wing Committee should find these and offer out the opportunity to join the bid.

Why should sqn Y get the chance to block sqn X from applying for a grant?

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And in particular you get people using petty grievance and squabbles to attack another’s unit or people.

The Wing CWC should be told where the door is by squadrons and their CWCs, their job is to assist Squadron CWCs not dictate how they operate, unless the CWC is unviable and requires assistance and then should work to the benefit of the individual squadron not the Wing. Has HQAC quietly changed the rules for conduct of CWCs and not told anybody.

Many CWCs have ex-uniformed CFAVs within them in particular when you look at Regional and above, and they are unlikely to rock the boat by going against Special K and his cohorts. I’ve seen this happen, an ex-uniformed CWC chair b/s’d the committee until certain decisions were made by the Wing and that stopped any objections.

CWCs are a stand alone part of the RAFAC, not subordinate to a particular Wing Commander and his staff and in some cases the reverse is true.

In all the Wings I’ve been in the Wing CWC was always made up of the chairs of the Squadron CWC’s.

If only we knew someone on the forum with experience of committees…

Indeed but they are there as representatives of the Squadrons and committees not to act as a functionary of the Wing Commander.

Indeed, but I haven’t seen anything on this thread to say that is in any way he case.

What makes you think this wasn’t the Wing CWC’s idea?

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