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As the title suggests , is anyone able to give a rough time scale as to how long after you wing SNCO board you would be waiting before actually being in uniform on a parade night? Cheers

I would say around a month and half is the norm in these parts.

Is that purely down to getting uniform ordered and received or is the paperwork that follows the board that has to be in check first ?

It’s mostly the paperwork, your board don’t “appoint you” they recommend you for appointment. It’s only a technical point. Also you need to have an ACTO27 drill test signed off before you can wear uniform.

That’s interesting, I’m still waiting for my ACTO 27 drill check & I’ve been in uniform for two years.

Is that a local regulation only for your wing?

Have to be signed before attending SSIC, but never heard about before wearing uniform.

Thanks , got my board tomorrow and was just trying to get an idea if how much longer i can expect to wait

Good luck but instead of asking us this question…
When the board asks do you wish to ask anything?? Ask this question and similar questions :wink:

Thats now Noted ! Thank you .

Remember your there to be interviewed but also assessed and one way of making them know you and your ability is in what questions you ask.

So pick out a few thought out ones,
An apparent good one I was told recently if your drill minded…

The WWO is putting together a DI team to help instruct both cadets and staff on drill. Would it be possible to shadow them and learn from them so that in a few years I can become a member of the team??

Apparently the board said it was good as the person had done their homework (DI team still getting formed not announced yet) and also was looking to the future

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ACTO27 Says


  1. This Order defines what is mean by a basic standard of drill competence prior to wearing a uniform and for cadets having completed First Class Cadet training.
  2. The standard of drill expected of an individual prior to wearing an RAF or ATC uniform is shown in Annex A, referenced to AP 818.
  3. This standard is expected from anyone prior to the issue of a uniform and includes:
    a. CFAVs entering adult uniformed service as an officer or SNCO.
    b. Junior Cadets prior to enrolment as a Second Class Cadet.

I think the ACTO is quite clear the drill assessment that all new cadets must do before wearing uniform applies to staff as well. The pre-ATF assessment is something else entirely.

Thanks for that Daws.

I find it quit ironic that my wing believed I was such a poor NCO (I apparently only ‘just scraped’ through my board, was told I wasn’t good enough several times for ATF & when I did eventually get there found it ridiculously easy) yet I was never put through this. Mind you, it would have meant they could have found another excuse to tell me I was rubbish, so I’m quite glad I never had to do it. Wouldn’t have had a problem doing it though.

I would like to go back into uniform but not sure how to go about it

Easy, collect enough tokens from special marked packs of rice crispies and send them to:

I really wanna be a CFAV

Or you could just approach the subject with your OC.

Thinking about it the latter option is probably the best…


I sense some dissatisfaction here :grinning: Have I joined the right organisation, who are the movers and shakers in the corps

No dissatisfaction to be found here! It is a bit difficult to give sensible advice without any background information though!

But to answer your question:

Movers and shakers