Wing board notification

Hi when wing send a notification for your filter interview, do they send you an email or does it gonto OC or do they send via Bader

It depends on your wing

I received a letter stating my board notification, also can anybody explain what I will need to know and questions they would ask? Also please could you how much depth I would need to answer (btw it’s officer filter not NCO)

Humm I get the feeling you are vastly underprepared for this. You kind of really should know this stuff before booking your board. Your first port of call is your Oc and WSO.


I have an understanding of what I will be asked but what I really want to know is how much in depth would I need to actually answer and pass?

You need enough to show a comprehensive understanding. For example in current affairs you may be challenged on your view to see how you respond. In most areas other than your background experience and activity, you will be probed with at least a couple of further questions. It’s hard to say exactly because if you answer a question fully with enhanced explanations they may not ask any questions.

For example
Q: how is the ACO structured
A: it has sqns wing regions and HQ
will result in follow up questions like, “what else?”

Another way to answer would be, " starting at the bottom, there are squadrons and DFs. These are grouped into wings and the wings are grouped into regions there are six regions in the organisation these fall under the control of headquarters AC that’s at RAF Cranwell. Aside the structure at each level are civilian committees and the chaplaincy branch".