Windows 11

Whats everyone’s opinions on Windows 11? As I now have been offered to upgrade to it but I think it’s ugly and that’s my main reason not to upgrade.

I like it, I haven’t lost any significant performance and I think the new UI looks great, With all my Xplane, MSFS and VR stuff it all works great


It’s great to know the performance is equal, I might just upgrade just because it’s new. But I’ll give it a few months for the first undetected vulnerabilities to be ironed out.

Someone asked exactly the same question at work - reply from someone else:

I’be been using it since the early adopter programme started

there’s a few nice shortcuts from the Windows 10 start menu which aren’t supported anymore (e.g. right click on a time for a list you can pin documents on/quick access recents) but apart from that minor grumble I’ve had no issues at all

if anything think performance has been noticeably better… and I was already drooling over the performance of this machine in its first 6 months compared to my old laptop

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I think it looks fine, better even.

I do think it’s interesting that they reversed course on replacing the Snipping Tool with Snip and Sketch.

I think a lot of the grumbles have been power users needing to learn new tricks tbf.

W11 has had performance issues with Ryzen, but since 2 weeks ago I haven’t kept myself up to date with it.

I don’t like how the icons have been moved to the center of the task bar. Visually I think they would look better at the sides, like they are now. Them being in the middle looks wrong. Or it may just be me being used to the old skool stuff like windows XP/7/10.


That’s not old school…

Try windows.
As in the original!
Or at least windows 2.1x

That’s old school!

Even better, “pen down” for the archimedes acorn.

You can change it back to them being at the left rather easily.

tbh, I’m a cool mac user predominantly, I’m just going from what I’ve heard about W11

seems like microsoft have copied yet another thing from Macs there then :smirk:

I’ll try just give up with windows completely and use MS DOS instead, then there’s no icons at all to worry about. :grin::joy:

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Linux is getting a lot more attention with all the W11 drama and Steam Deck…

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Isn’t WSL good enough?

Surely if we’re talking old skool obsolete systems the winner is ultilearn?


No, because the idea is to break out of the windows ecosystem and all of its built-in garbage.

But I suspect a lot will end up dual booting, unable to completely break from Windows - there’s a lot of hope though of shifting sands towards more companies increasing Linux support.

For many who aren’t as savvy, it will be too much for them to be able to make the switch even if they don’t want W11.

I used to dual-boot, but tbh most of the time I’ll just build a VM these days.

I like a good VM

If I had the resources I’d put the whole Sqn network on to VDI. Would save a lot of hassle.

I once wondered about running a few VMs off a single machine to run a Sqn network (and I’d have probably included VDIs too), mainly as a pet project, but I knew I wasn’t planning to stay at that Sqn very long and nobody else would have understood what I’d done…

That is part of the problem. I’m very wary of creating systems that no one else can operate, having been on the receiving end both at work and with Cadets.

The Microsoft virtual desktop in the cloud would be ideal for us, but the cost is probably prohibitive.

A decent used Xeon 2U server is more affordable.

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Got to love VMs. This whole forum is in one!

Upgraded to win 11 on my main, dual boot, system, haven’t used it since.