Why was I given green coveralls as a new air cadet?

Hi, I’ve just recently had my first day in air cadets as a new recruit. Everyone was given green coveralls at the beginning and then they didn’t say anything about what to do with them. Am i supposed to wear them for the second day or am i supposed to keep them and told when to wear them. Also to mention I don’t have air cadets portal yet so I can’t check on there. I’m really nervous about turning up in the wrong uniform

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This varies from squadron to squadron. If they’ve given them to you it would suggest they want you to wear them! A lot of squadrons issue them out for new recruits whilst waiting for all your other uniform to arrive

If you are too worried about it, turn up in something comfy, and bring the coveralls with you as your can just wear them over the top, as you would normally anyway!

All in all though, don’t be to nervous! We’ve all been new at one stage, and completely get if there is a misunderstanding with communicating what you should be wearing. No decent staff member will have an issue with you turn up ‘incorrectly’ as a new cadet! As long as you continue to learn and improve. :slightly_smiling_face:


This wont happen until your sqn staff team add you to the system.
They cant do that until you return all you consent forms etc.

Make sure you retuen all your forms.
If you have, aak you sqn staff when you will get access to Cadet Portal. Thry wont bite.

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I would say that you have been issued coveralls to wear on Sqn until your blue uniform is received and issued. This is standard practice on a lot of Units so don’t be worried (I do the same on my Unit). Wearing coveralls will stop you from getting your own kit dirty.

As far as Cadet Portal goes, you will have access once the relevant consent forms have been sent back to the Adjutant and added to the system.


Ok thank you, but do I wear it for the next time we meet or should I wear my own clothes again?

If it were my Sqn i would ask you to wear your coveralls over whatever you normally wear…

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Yeah, it’s not either/or. You wear your clothes underneath.

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Only you know what your Squadron has told you and you don’t know. (We are assuming, but assuming on experience)

I would suggest take it with you and if everyone else has it on you can put it over the top of your clothes. If you are then too warm you can always nip to the foil let and take off any extra clothes underneath.