Why is Ultilearn so slow when you hit Assessment/Create Report?

It’s not like this is the bit where it has to query the massive database…

The real answer is of course “because it’s a terrible piece of software, unfit for purpose”, which is why no other poor sods have ever heard of it.

But I fancy you were being rhetorical. :wink:

Thwarted by the weather I’ve amused myself recently by taking some courses on the Defence Learning Environment, which is of course run on Moodle. It’s like a breath of fresh air.
I’m not sure which I’m looking forward to more: the death of Ultilearn, or the removal of Trump.


I hope getting rid of Utilearn doesn’t take another 4 years.

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well we are supposed to have the new virtual learning platform (based on moodle) by December this year.

do us lowly CFAV’s have access to the DLE?

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Some of us still can’t get on Ultilearn despite years of asking :rofl:

But will it just be a newly-shaped dump for files and cumbersome exams when it is rolled out?
I have less of a problem with Ultilearn as a system than with the way that Ultilearn has been used.

well . . . that we won’t know until they roll it out.

What makes you think that is any better!

We do (or at least we in CCF do, and I believe you can sign up although you will be counted as a civilian).

But it’s not better, I’m with @Brooke_Bond

Some years back all ATC staff details were sent over to be incorporated with the defence gateway.
We had to add “ACO” to the beginning of our service number which is then the username. i.e. with a service number of A1234567 the gateway username is ACOA1234567.

I don’t know what happened after that but I’ve had an active account on the gateway since then. It’s useful for some things and interesting for others. It also grants access to the MOD own social media platform Defence Connect but we’re certainly not missing anything there!

The DLE however is far superior to ultilearn in about every way possible.
Browsing for courses, enrolling on courses, running courses, getting results… It’s just Moodle, and it works like Moodle does. Unlike ultilearn, which looks as though it was designed by committee (and by a committee of god knows what) and works about as poorly as could be possible of any system I’ve ever used.

How do u log it utilearn I know my CIN but not my password

If you do not know your password , you will need to request a password reset from the Ultilearn login screen. That sends an email to your OC containing a temporary, new password and your OC will need to pass that on to you.

Once you have the temporary password , use that to log into Ultilearn, and it will have you set your own, “permanent” password.

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What do you mean by this? Be interesting to hear how you think it should be used?

As a virtual learning environment it’s pretty limited in uses.

Moodle is a great tool and hopefully migration from one to the other won’t be hard if everyone stuck to the SCORM standards when creating content.

Thank you so should I need to ask my OC or will they just send me it

I’d ask the question after requesting the new password

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Thank you

Agreed - at the very least it may prompt them to check their email.

It was used as a dump for powerpoints and provides the most basic of exams via a particularly tedious mechanism requiring many clicks. Professionally produced and provided courses that we do have on UltiFail provide a good example of what we could be providing.

The learning materials that are hosted on UF are of highly variable quality and, while the intention was not to allow cadets to self-learn the materials but to have it taught by an instructor, little though t was put into ensuring thet the instructor could understand the material or the course plan and therefore be able to teach the correct material.

This organisation teaches Presentation Skills and MOI techniques but seems not to follow those principles with many of its own course packages. (is “packages” being generous?)

That’s fair comment and hopefully the person they hired to work on this sort of stuff at HQAC will have a big impact on that.