Why has RAF Lakenheath got RAF in its name?

Just slightly confused as it has no RAF squadrons etc and was wondering why it hasn’t followed MOD Boscombe Down and MOD Lyneham in re-prefixing. Just confused why it and other USAF bases in the UK aren’t AFB’s (like they are in the US mainland) instead.

All USAF bases in the UK have always been called RAF stations (as far back as WWII).

The other examples aren’t called RAF stations any more as they’re not operated by the RAF/USAF (Lyneham is army, and Boscombe Down is just confusing).

It is technically an RAF station that ‘hosts’ the USAF, rather than a US base, so therefore keeps the nomenclature.

Same with Mildenhall, Menwith Hill, Fairford, etc.

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