Why get promoted?

Hello, I am a cadet at my squadron and have been for a while. And iv noticed I’m the only person on squadron, and what seems like the WHOLE ATC that doesn’t want to get promoted. And was wondering if anyone else feels the same, and what are the actual benefits of being an NCO?

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Nothing wrong with that.

The best piece of advice a previous boss gave me was as you climb the food chain if you find you’re at a level or in a job you are really happy doing and your quality of life is as you want it dont change it and stick at it


People want promotion for a variety of reasons. Some people enjoy being in a position of leadership, challenging their abilities and some enjoy the status of being ‘in charge’ of people and some think promotion makes them ‘better’ than other cadets. I’d argue only the former is a good mindset for a leader to have. There’s nothing wrong with not wanting to lead a team; you can do (nearly) everything else in the ATC that an NCO can.

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That’s a quality piece of advise

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