WHTs for Arms Drill?

I’ve had a thought whilst ripping my hair out trying to get the region arms drill team weapons training/whts.

Now there is this lesson 1 - 4 specifically for arms drill. Shouldn’t there be an option to select that as a separate WHT to stop little.johnny from attending a wing shoot with a WHT. Currently we have to mark it as a standard WHT on SMS

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You should NOT be doing this.

There is no test here just the completion of the lesson. Should be recorded in 3822


By definition you cannot issue a WHT unless.

  1. The trainee has received ALL the lessons as per the PAM from a Saai or WI.

  2. The trainee has passed a WHT, conducted by a Saai or WI.

As to what you need for arms drill I havent a clue.
But for a WHT to be valid and the cadet SAFE it’s the above.

So not a WHT but a training record then

If there isnt an Arms sign off already on SMS then maybe there should be.

But TBH.
Why aren’t cadets and staff required to have a full WHT for arms drill?

And it’s not really good enough to simply say they dont need a full one.
Seems to create confusion and if you have managed to get weapons, cadets and instructors in the same place anyway, the priority should be getting a full WHT done anyway!
Especially in certain wings nudge nudge cough cough… where it is so bloody difficult (thanks incompetent blocking wing shooting officer) to get any training done anyway.

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Fully support the full WHT stuff

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I see no point half assing the training, you’ll end up repeating those lessons anyhow.

Primarily the focus should be shooting/ft, not arms drill. Those both need full training :man_shrugging:


I don’t see the issue - doing the L98 properly is a full weekend. You don’t need to know it all to wave it around on the drill square.


They didn’t even use L98s at nationals last year…:zipper_mouth_face::roll_eyes:

but that’s drifting on a completely different thread

<rant about WHTs deleted - it is off-topic and I’m sure I’ve said it somewhere here already!>

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Quick question, what is specifically required WHT/Arms Training wise to be signed off to undertake or conduct Arms Drill exercises?

Parts of the IWT etc…?

Lessons 1 to 4.

And no WHT or any silliness, just 1-4!

That is correct. The recording of that has always been a contensious point

and 4 years on there still isn’t a way of recording it on Bader (unless I’ve missed something?)


We start the day with NSPs to make sure none of the little darlings are lieing to us

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Hmmm, not as if they can cheat via Google → YouTube? :wink:

Hmmm, most cadets these days are not that smart…

…last cadets I had that thought they had been so clever got chewed out big time by me:

  1. For cheating
  2. For being caught cheating
  3. Having cheated , not completing the task
  4. Not completing the task and at least making it look like they had to work to finish it

And I did several minutes without hesitation, deviation or repetition - my Cranwell DIs would have been so proud of me :slight_smile: