I need some help with the No.8 bolt action rifle procedures. I have my WHT on Monday and my mind is blank. By procedures I mean what to do when your on the range with your rifle next to you, like steps etc.
And when your handed the rifle, how to check it etc.
Thanks :slight_smile:

Have you done your training for it?

The best thing to do is undergo refresher training. It’s not much use anyone describing the whole procedure here really

Haven’t you undertaken training on the No.8 rifle? You’re meant to be taught by a qualified Skill-At-Arms-Instructor (SAAI) before you have a wpn handling test.

Yes I’ve had the training but I’ve completely forgotten it!

Just ask for a refresh before doing the test.
I doubt you’d be tested without getting a recap / revision session.
But like any exam, if you fail you can retake it, failing’s not the end of the world.

Think about the basics.

If the rifle has the bolt closed & the safety catch on, what do you need to do to show that it is safe? Clue - you need to be able to check inside the breech, & you can’t do anything with the safety catch on…

Once you have worked out how to access the breech, you must ensure it is safe. There are 2 steps to this procedure…

All the information is in your brain; you just have to access the hard drive! Have you thought about doing a Google search of “no 8 rifle wht” & seeing what you can find?

So, from the start, the rifle is lying on the ground, with the bolt closed & the safety catch on. Over to you!