WHT input onto Bader

Morning All

My WHT expired on Monday for the S200 (doesn’t feel like 6months since I did i!)
Being on good terms with the Det commander of the ACF we share the building with they very kindly carried out a WHT on the S200 last night for me which I passed.
Since they don’t have access to Bader best way to record this to my records ?
I’m a skilly but seems wrong putting my own WHT on Bader.

If you want a proper audit trail, ask the ACF CFAV to email the Wing Sho, or another SAAI, and get them to put it on for you? Seems abit overkill, but at least there’s a trail then!


As JB Says,

That or spin up a quick SMS app to attach the WHT result sheet to.
Might be a bit more effort but also gives a perm paper trail someone did it to refer back to


My CCF cadets bring me a copy of the WHT sheet when their detachment does their L98 WHT, and I add all the details including the skilly’s details who tested them, then I upload a scan of the sheet to their record for the avoidance of doubt.

I’m guessing that’s on Westminster?
Bader Units doesn’t record it in the same way