White Banner Sling

Have any of you got preferred or “best” methods for whitening a pvc banner sling?

We ended up having to use our spare this year for a second banner which has been a little neglected (having only been used for training for a few years), so I want to try to improve it in case it’s needed again.

  1. Get laptop or phone.
  2. Go to online shop.
  3. Purchase, new one.

In all seriousness, its almost impossible. The pvc often stains through the layers of the plastic. Also several house hold cleaners will simply tarnish or yellow the plastic when you try and clean it.

My advice would be to keep that one as a training spare and if you need a new one to buy it and keep out of the sun and in a cloth bag, away from Sticky fingers until needed for parades.

Sorry cant be more help.

I would buy a new one, preferably leather. PVC is rubbish material.

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Our PVC ones bucket snapped off this weekend

Another vote for leather.

The problem with yellowed PVC is that it’s the result of a chemical reaction caused by ultraviolet light. It’s not something easily cleaned away.

From me, it’s another vote for “buy new”.

It’s possible to whiten yellowed Polystyrene using Hydrogen Peroxide and UV light, but I’ve no idea how that would go with PVC. If the only alternative option is to buy new anyway it might be worth trying. You’ve nothing to lose except a potential “training only” banner sling.

Another advantage of leather is that it is far easier to work should it need adjustment or repair.


Definitely sounding like new is going to be the way to go. A quick look shows a white leather with brass buckle and bucket liner for 35 + a bit of shipping from Marching Band Supplies.

Seems reasonable, but anyone got any knowledge of them and/or this one?


There’s a chrome version, but then I wouldn’t have an excuse to huff brasso (and the banner is detailed with brass, so matchy matchy).

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I’ve gone throough three of the things. Not heavy use and not being abused either. Absolute trash.
We have a white leather one but it looks a bit scabby.

Go brown leather, far more forgiving, we give ours a rub with leather conditioner a couple of times a year and it’s been fine for 18 years. I wouldn’t go near a white one for all the tea in China, it’ll need replacing after a few buckle position changes. I think they only sell white ones as they know they’ll need replacing.

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