Which stable belt?

Which is the right stable belt? Metal buckle at the front or side leather buckles?


Either is acceptable. The chrome buckle at the front is the modern style; the leather side buckle is the old style.

Fixed that


Presumably it looks a bit odd for someone that has just joined to go with the leather version?

Not at all, it’s whatever they can afford/get their hands on if they want to wear one.

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Nah, I reckon it’s proper old school cool - like DPM SAS windproof smocks!

I miss mine

I have one… somewhere. It was a real pain to get my hands on. It took so long it probably wasn’t worth it.

I used to keep mine in the boot of My car for emergencies and got destroyed when rear ended at 70mph…

But stable belts yeah either or… I have a new one only cause the old literally fell apart

What your stable belt? That’s proper NCO that is


With desert boots

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Still got my old style belt…

…problem is my new style waist…


you say that but @AlexCorbin doesn’t say what kind of emergencies - he used it as an emergency “tow-rope”

I was on about the smock… But never know :joy:

That makes less sense. So in a road related emergency, you’d put on an anti High-vis jacket?

How else would he escape the fuzz?

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It’s if I get cold!!

We’re way off base here, but the answer has been selected… have you heard of “The North Face”?

There’s a lovely little outlet store at Gunwharf Quays.

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