Which camp?

So recently I’ve been presented with an opportunity to try and get a space in one of two camps (as they are both running at the same time). There’s a Blues Camp and a D&C Camp, however I don’t know which one I should try and get a place for.
Would it be possible for someone to explain what each one is and the benefits of each.
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D&C Camp is a large camp which brings together cadets and staff from many areas to work together and put on a final armed parade. You’ll need to have good drill and uniform skills before you go, and will spend the week learning Arms Drill and the parade sequence, perhaps also including some continuity arms drill.

A regular Blues camp will typically take a bunch of cadets from your own wing and work out of an RAF station somewhere. That week is spent in a number of activities, which might include tours of station facilities, trips to local museums and other places of interest. Expect a fair amount of marching at this one too, typically to get from one place to the other on the station but also with some sort of small drill competition.

As for the benefits? That is for you to decide. NCOs can get a lot of development from a properly-planned blues camp but are likely to get lost in the clutter of D&C camp. Both will let you make new friends and develop skills.

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What camps have you done previously and what do you enjoy most about being in cadets?

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Wow, that’s a lot. Thanks for the information. :+1:t3:

I’ve been a cadet for just over 6 months and I have only ever attended a band camp, as for what I enjoy, it’s primarily drill and learning about the general aspects of the RAF and aviation.

Sounds like at this stage your experience and interest is better suited for a blues camp, with the broader range of activities and actual RAF related content.

However there’s always time in the future for attending whichever you don’t go to this time. The decision is yours based on what you learn about each. Have you spoken to anyone you know who has been before?

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I’m only aware of one Sgt in my Sqn who has gone to a Blues camp, and he said it was brilliant. So now I think of it, I may go for the Blues camp (Also considering the fact that no one else in my squadron has applied for the D&C)

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I’d recommend the blues camp, certainly.


Just to let you know the D&C camp only comes around once every 2 years (I think, as places are offered to different regions each time), if that might sway your decision. :slight_smile:

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Oof that means the next one may reoccur when im almost 18

Given the time you have had in the ATC, the Blue camp would be the most beneficial.
It will give you a broader perspective of the ATC (seeing several squadrons come together and work together; cadets and staff) and if you were considering a job in the armed forces a bit of an insight into the daily life on a station and maybe a chance to quiz those perhaps already doing something you may be considering, much better than talking to someone in the careers office.


The blues camp does appear more interesting now you’ve said that. I do have a strong desire to eventually join either the Army (Somewhere in the RHA) or the RAF (Most likely in a medical field).

What exactly goes on during blues camps? I understand that there are activities, but what types?

It’ll vary a bit depending on the station and the staff.

It’s been a while since I have done a blue camp myself, but staples are visits to various units on station: police, regiment, fire, ATC, and whatever’s based there, and a drill competition.

You might get some fieldcraft, you might not. You might get some shooting, you might not. You might do some AT (mountain biking, watersports, high ropes), you might not.

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You might do/go:

  • bowling
  • cinema
  • go karting
  • high ropes
  • low ropes
  • flying
  • museums

…you might not.

It depends on a few factors - mainly where you go, what your camp com wants, and what staff you have.

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