Where's the UN when you need them?

There has been a number of reports about illegal migrants drowing in The Med as they are leaving North African countries for the eu.
What I struggle with is the fact is it seems the blame is being laid at the door of the eu for cutting back on surveillence flights and subsequent rescue missions, when IMO they UN should be getting into the North African countries where this is happening and stopping it. Granted they might find another route over land, but as that would invariably mean going through the Eastern Med countries, probably not first choice.
Also rather than pick them up and bring them into the eu, find out where they came from and take them back. I can imagine this has been going on for donkey’s and probably many drowned, but it was all part of the risk involved. Now it seems unsrupulous types are probably taking as much money as possible and effectively setting the boats adrift knowing they will probably drown or some soft touches will pick them up and that’s the end of that.

I can’t be the only one to see the dark forces and hand of HQAC in this fiasco.

No, I believe HQAC are smuggling them in to boost the numbers of cadets. International Any Country Expansion (IACE) I think they are calling it.

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I fail to see why its our responsibility? Its like saying pubs must take responsibilty for people crossing the road in front of it.

If people want to risk their lives entering countries illegally. Thats their own fault. Suck it up sunshine. You pay your money you take your chance.

You do some things simply because it is right to do them.

Personally, I think we should send the marines to help. Sounds right up their gulley.

But sometimes you have to draw a line.

Most of the problems in the 3rd world seem to have arisen since the demise of the colonial power system. Maybe we should go back to this and keep all the tribal leaders in check as most of the problems and reasons why these people leave seem to stem from tribal differences, These countries wanted indepence and it seems they haven’t been able handle the responsibility.