Where would I find the HQAC Social Media policy?

With the thread on the Poppy poster being seen only on Social Media, does anyone know if there is a Social Media policy? If there is, where would I find it and is it enforced?


Para 4 “The purpose of this policy paper is to ensure” - clearly shows this is how CFAVs/Squadrons and Wing should use SM for promotion and PR rather than its use as a information sharing (communication) platform

It’s on SharePoint too

So how does the poppy post fit this part of the policy?

f. Integrated
Wherever possible, align online participation with other offline communications

The centre doesn’t seem to follow their own policy!!

In reply to the question, surely the answer is 'in the Special Offenders Wing at Peterhead Prison…?

Never let them forget.


What makes matters worse is that my Squadron posted some photos from our parade last night, which was the largest in many years. We followed all the Social Media rules, but we got snitched on about the acting Corporals wearing white tabs on their stripes and the Duty NCO wearing a white belt, both of which are Squadron arrangements not worn away from parade nights. The WWO sent the CO a snotogram! Instead of a well done for such an achievement! Why do we bother!

I used to send both:
“Well done! however, please note…”

As soon as you decide to broadcast your local infractions to the wider world, they cease to be merely “squadron arrangements”. Best to stop it so you don’t slip up and get caught out :slight_smile:

Regarding the social media policy, It is inadequate and far from comprehensive.

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I have clearly made it known previously that I will balance uniform infractions against the benefits of advertising achievements, if it’s a great event and Cadet X has hash Uniform, tough I’m putting it out there and ignoring your email.


I answered one such email with a picture of a member of staff with stains upon their uniform, the hem clearly falling from under the skirt, the incorrect hat also worn and shoes. It was the originator of the email only 1 week previous on a parade…

People in glass houses!!

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I always enjoyed the phrase ‘Gooosh Shtepping Mooronsh’ - in an homage to Sean Connerys’ performance in Indiana Jones…

This is why won’t have an open group. There are far too many people out there with too little to do and too up themselves with their pretend ranks who are a bit spesh. There is a more succinct words to describe them, but the internet filter will explode.

So our Squadron has copied the Adult staff “acting status” and the Duty belt from the RAF!

Other posts have talked about how things change and that Change can be driven from below.

They weren’t broadcast! The cadets were on parade and a photo was taken.

Morale is a weak thing! My worry is that someone’s first thought was not well done, but focused on some very small white stripes and a belt. It kind of sums up the Corps at the moment!

Our cadets have not been flying for 3 years, the last three details have been cancelled, 2 of them due to bad planning on behalf of the AEF. We are trying to keep the enthusiasm up and someone criticises us for being slightly adventurous on how we display rank and status!!

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The SM genie was well and truly let out and roundly abused by CAC, disseminating policy etc thinking everyone would love it.
As a result everyone does as they please … following her lead. She or no one at HQAC can do anything to stop them.
I would say using a photo on SM to openly criticise someone or in this case a squadron is the work of someone in the lowest echelons of creation.