Where to put RMCCF badge on brassard?

Hi all, was wondering where to put the RMCCF badge on brassard since there is no official guidance online?

EDIT: Seems I’ve caused some confusion. It’s the Royal Marines CCF badge for completing one of the summer courses. It’s 4 by 4, blue, with the red green and yellow stripe across it.

What is RMCCF?

Riverside medical clinic charitable foundation?

But if its not one of the badges on the PTS Poster then you don’t wear it on the brassard This is for ATC but if you’re CCF then the ATC and squadron number will be replaced with your unit identifier badge.heartstart-badge-position

I’m not sure I’ve seen a lot of people wear it on its own brazard but on the left arm as well as your normal or the right but some put it in place of the first aid badge

What is it?

Royal Marines Cadets- Combined Cadet Force.


Sorry. I was thinking it was an air cadet badge they were asking about on the air cadet forums. Put simply, if its not an authorised RAFAC badge you don’t wear it.

Well, that’s annoying. Cheers though.

I’m afraid they’re right. Non-RAF badges do have a habit of appearing on brassards but they’re not allowed. Sometimes there is the right to wear the ‘equivalent’ e.g. those doing Army leadership courses are [used to? haven’t checked recently] allowed to wear the ACLC badge.