Where to get a flying suit

Hi there, I know some people are wondering where they can get flying suits from for ACPS, gliding scholarships etc. I have got lots of different flying suits including French ones, they are great for ACPS and use one for gliding (I use one for civilian gliding). There are loads available for under £40, with or without Knee inserts. Here are some links if you need one or are just curious!

Or have a browse through eBay, quite a few good offers on there.

Any questions, feel free to drop me a message! :slightly_smiling_face:

The other place which is good is Ceto Militaria - who specialise in providing uniforms for TV and film

I would emphasise that as a cadet, you never require a flying suit of your own - if you need one (AEF, Flight Staff cadets) they will lend you one. But it’s nice to have for ACPS, for example, and similar things. Exactly which model doesn’t much matter.

I gave 200 Mk16 flying suits to North Region RAvnO so if you want one for free drop him an email.

Do they give you flight suits for QAIC? Or would you have to buy them yourself?

They issue them to you for the course


I gave 200 Mk16 flying suits to North Region RAvnO "

Sounds like he is a better Scrounger than you … :upside_down_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ll tell the CCFs in the north…

Flying Suit.

Leave ‘flight suits’ to the Yanks.

Not really as I got them for him :grin:

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Getting someone else to do your scrounging? Think that makes you a better scrounger :smile:


Having multiple sources with multiple sources of multiple resources is definitely better than just having multiple sources for multiple resources.

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Definitely just ask a VGS or AEF (but give them back otherwise they’ll be hesitant to help other cadets in the future). A number of sqns also have them so they’ll probably be a few around the wing

Wrong end of the stick I’m afraid. He didn’t ask me to get them…I liberated them and then asked if he wanted them otherwise they were going in the bin. Our AGS also got 50 sets.