Where to buy MTP?

Where is the best place to purchase MTP? I don’t mind if it’s in used condition, as long as it is still useable and acceptable. Where sells them for the best value and where did you get yours?

Good place to try is www.strikeforcesupplies.co.uk

Highly recommended any good prices for new kit

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Ask at your Sqn to try on gear to get the sizing you need, then hit eBay.

Talk to your Sqn staff to see what bits of uniform they think you need - different Sqn’s have different priorities and different activities, so what you’ll need will depend on what your Sqn does.

Unless you’re going on ‘greens’ camps you’re not going to need two of anything, and given that it’s now autumn you’re not going to need/use the lightweight jacket (the thing that looks like a shirt to any normal person…) - my personal advice would be to concentrate on the best boots you can afford, a second hand Softie jacket (£15 on eBay - unless you are bigger than 5’10’’ and 44chest, get a small), get one pair of trousers, one windproof smock, a pair of olive or brown t-shirt s (again, eBay, couple of quid each). The 99p one-size woolly gloves are a god-send, and you can get a brown/olive woolly hat for about £3.

If you can also get waterproof trousers that would be fantastic, the windproof smock is reasonably shower-resistant so you could get away without a waterproof jacket unless you’re going to be standing around in the pouring rain for hours.


A quick Google for ‘Military Surplus’ will tell you if there are any store locally. They will let you try kit on and help with advice on sizing. eBay can be a bit hit and miss I’ve bought stuff for my kids where I have had items described as grade 1 by one seller and they are u/s and anothers whose was nearly new. As I have 2 decent suppliers within half an hour’s drive it’s much less hassle as the savings are only a quid or two on eBay apart form boots.

I love here, It’s mostly Grade , however I have always found it to be practically Super Grade, much cheaper as well. They have their own eBay site which means you can really bag a bargain.


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A number of the Sqn’s near me - and mine - have bought bulk from them, stuff like Bergens and waterproofs, and we’ve never had a problem with them.

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Yeap - FieldTextiles (who own that - and a series of other - online shops) were the main MOD disposals agent for textile materials a while back. We found them hit & miss in bulk - we had about a 10% return rate of non-serviceable kit. In the end we ended up buying direct and in person from them for bulk lots. They were really accommodating and more than happy for us to walk the factory floor, rifling through bins and vans and ensuring we got serviceable kit first time.

We’re out of the greens game now and just refer our cadets to a look surplus chap who does a price match to FieldTextiles.

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I used to enjoy a good walk about the warehouse. You could find all sorts of goodies.

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As this thread has been revived (!?):

Anyone got some advise on where I can buy a current issue officer cap (gents). That and the RAFAC gold pins were the only thing missing off my recent initial kitting and although an order has been put in for them by stores I thought I might get another so I can keep one smart and bash the other one about at the squadron (I’ve also got a chippy hat for bashing around too)… I don’t want to end up with a WW2 replica hat! :joy:

Several options on Fleabay…

Struggling to find a 56 on Ebay… Ammo & Co have a good range of sizes, but £75 :grimacing::persevere:

Needs a re-shape. :wink:

This one says new.

Great spot! Thanks so much for that - snapped the one up from the bottom link.

Thank you really appreciate that - I spent ages looking, there must be a dark art to finding what you need on Ebay :rofl:

Thank you :+1::+1::+1:

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