Where to buy bulk webbing?

HI all,

I am hoping to be able to bulk buy some webbing for the squadron, I was wondering if anyone knew where we could get any?

Looking for mtp, x 25-50


If you want genuine issue then Field Textiles in Essex are the MOD disposal agents.

However you’d likely struggle to get that quantity in PLCE MTP (I assume that is what you mean).

You might get more luck with DPM which is still perfectly serviceable. Or if you shop around online you might find Osprey webbing sets. They have a four-point yoke however which not everyone likes.

Companies like Kombat UK do provide bulk discounts. Clearly this is non-issue kit. Whether that is acceptable is your call. Some units local to me do use it and are happy enough with it.

There are some other manufacturers who make MTP compatible gear. Post back if you want more info.

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I would absolutely go with DPM gear - it’s absolutely functional, it actually helps with breaking up the shape in concealment terms, it’ll be cheaper, and it sends a message to your Sqn that not everything has to be MTP/Multicam, and that bits of DPM or OG gear is fine.

I’ve used Field Textiles many times, and my experiences have been overwhelmingly positive.

Absolutely, would love more info

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I’ll dig up some links and post an update later on.

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Details are here: Information - About Us - Customer Service - Field Textiles Ltd

HOWEVER, PLCE webbing is very slim pickings now a days! I’m not sure they even list it on their website anymore it’s that sparse!!!

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My ACF detachment is trying to offload a few old DPM PLCE sets. If you are interested I can see what we have. They wouldn’t be very expensive.


Good luck finding it! Huge amounts of military surplus has been sent out to Ukraine over the past 18 months so the market is pretty sparse, meaning prices are up

If @talon’s det is off loading gear, I’d suggest you bite their hand off, so to speak!