Where can I obtain a glider cockpit to use for a flight sim?


Has anyone had any success in obtaining a glider cockpit to make a DIY flight sim cockpit with?


Gliding schools.
Glider manufactueres
Etc etc etc

Usually expensive.
Transport costs too.

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You can generally get them for the price of an angle grinder if you visit the gliding club in the middle of the night


Could be cheaper to get some fibreglass and Perspex rather than a previously airworthy airframe.

Why does it worry me that I was about to post the same?

You may find an unfinished project on somewhere like gliderpilot.net or a club with a no longer serviceable glider they are willing to sell. Likely to be an older model and if your wanting a 2 seater then even more expensive.

If your handy may be better to try and make something yourself that looks right from fibreglass