Where can I get my commission Scroll?

Not that I am dying for my personalised printed paper, but does anyone know where I could go to obtain of said scroll, I never recieved it as a product of the COVID MOD1-3 online and MOD4-5 seprate fiasco, but its been almost 2 years.

I wonder where it has gotten to


I only received mine in the past year, some 3+ years after completing OIC, so I’d say it’s still in the system on its way to you.

I’m still waiting on mine, and 4 years since OIC. I’m not sat beside the door waiting for it :sweat_smile:, it has not stopped me doing anything, and from what I’m told they are not worth the postage

Your best bet is to ask your Wing HQ.

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I am still waiting on mine and I commissioned in 2019. I’ll soon be returning from NEP and it is on my list of things to do when I get back.

As @mprentice1 stated, I would chase via your Wing HQ as I know individuals that recieved their’s 12 months after completing OIC which was also during the virtual period and they recieved theirs without completing MoD 4&5.

Just ask your whq for it.

It will come folded up with no actual signatures,.printed on std a3 paper.


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How long have you been NEP?

How do you lot end up getting them folded up? Mine came direct to the contingent from the Gazette office in a solid cardboard tube.

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