When to use RAFAC or RAF Air Cadets

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From what I’ve gathered RAFAC is used to identify CCF(RAF) and the ATC in one group, such as it was with ACO.

It’s also used for ranks, such as Sgt Joe Bloggs RAFAC.

So when would you use RAF Air Cadets? Such as RAF Air Cadets - Drill and Ceremonial, or would it be RAFAC Drill and Ceremonial?

Help would be much appreciated, thanks.

The RAF Air Cadets (RAFAC) consists of the Air Training Corps (ATC) and Combined Cadet Force RAF (CCF(RAF)).

RAFAC is led by an Full Time Reserve Service (FTRS) Air Commodore, and it’s HQ is at RAF Cranwell.

As with any abbreviation it depends on the audience.

I’m asking more for the use that they’re used in? So when would you use RAFAC and when would you use RAF Air Cadets?

Will the audience understand the term RAFAC, if not then use RAF Air Cadets.

Internal = RAFAC
External = RAF Air Cadets / Royal Air Force Air Cadets

When talking about a uniform CFAV it’s always Rank Name RAFAC


Pretty much this and the rest of the comment. Like a dejargonification as with any other niche acronym or term.

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I know HQAC are a bit overboard sometimes but surely a fully rigged panzerdivision is a step too far?

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What’s this?

I have amended the two spelling mistakes.

I genuinely thought it was a way people USED to refer to the ‘wider ACO’

… … ‘ACOx’

“You’ve used ACO, now try ACOx… faster, stronger, more efficient, clear your limescale now.”

I will go take my tablets now. :rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy: