When it comes to flying, even the Brownies are ahead of the ACO


Anyone know if ACTO35 has been removed permanently? Or lost in the SharePoint nonsense, or is being updated and reloaded?


Nut not until you are 16 or older and if your primary interest is flying/aviation over the last 4/5 years, the Air Cadets is not really the place to be, in major chunks of the UK. Plus the process and education requirements for a cadet FS are not what I would call inclusive, as it was always expected to be a precursor to joining the RAF as a pilot.
I watched this clip and was expecting her to say at some point I’m in or was in the Air Cadets. Her choice of hair colour potentially said no, but it doesn’t mean never.
I say hats off to her, she has a dream in terms of career and seems to be doing everything to make it happen.

It is ironic that of all the 6/7 cadets I’ve known personally to have flown solo, only 2 have had cadet FS, the rest had been flying before or just after they joined the ATC and all flown solo on or just after their 16th birthday, at least 8/9 months before the youngest via cadet route. Also of these only one cadet FS went onto PPL and never kept it up, the others 4 went onto PPL and 3 still fly regularly.


One of the greatest satisfactions has been to take Cadets flying, or actually anything to do with aeroplanes, and see the pleasure it gives them. I say go for it and find a way to stop the desk fliers spoiling the cadet experience.

I know loads who spent their youth in the ATC and it is regrettable that in stark contrast, the current experience pales into total insignificance.


comes from 2FTS no flying in civilian aircraft apparently


All well & good, but the “authority” document is not on SharePoint anymore, so not easy to be aware of prior “history” if you hadn’t used ACTO35 before… So, where is the current authority statement??


What comes from 2FTS?
Where’s the email, DIN or anything to that effect?

I have seen no statement, only thing I see is ACTO 35 is AWOL.


that what the Wing Av O said, a number of others have stated thats how it was, and has not been told any different.


This situation is totally stupid with a capital stupid. It totally sums up all that is currently wrong with the RAFAC.

How can cadets given the option to fly be a bad thing/ We should be pulling their arm off at the chance.
Oversight is one thing, banning flying opportunities because it is outside their toy box is frankly ludicrous.


I can imagine the headline
Air Cadets banned from summers holidays as 2FTS says Ryan Air are not safe.


as a thought… how do Cadets get to their IACE locations, i have seen that we have been to Australia in the past, did we fly an RAF transport aircraft just for them as I can’t imagine there is too much demand for RAF - Australia flights ?


they buy tickets on commercial flights in cattle class just like any other civvie.


Standard commercial flights (my son went on IACE to Canada 2 yrs ago).

The “interesting” issue is the flying that the cadets do with their respective IACE partners… I wonder if they have the same rigamarole??


What’s the difference between air experience provided by BA and air experience provided by Liam’s Local Powered Flying club? Both organisations operate under the same legislative jurisdiction and are safe for ‘other civvie’ use?

BA to Cyprus (on ATC duty) is fine but local AEF is not?


And if you look at the statistics civil flying is far safer.


I guess the phrase is "imagine the negative PR if X,Y, OR Z were to happen ".

We are a spineless, risk averse organisation now.
And the cadets suffer for it.


that was my thought


So rather than whinge about it on here until the cows come home, why doesn’t one of you ring 2FTS and ask them why…?


I’m going to. Once I have had direct confirmation from MY wing AvO.

Not that I don’t believe you lot. But I have not seen any statement yet.
Once i have, believe me i will be challenging this stupidity.


…For all the good it will do!


Because everybody knows they won’t care and it’ll be a colossal waste of our already very stretched time?