When is a Mayor not a mayor

I started writing this in a different thread but thought why not start a new one? Its slightly tongue n cheek but there is a genuine question in there somewhere.

We have had LLC for years but now we are getting many Mayors cadets. Is there any laid out rules on whether they get No1s, what are they duties etc,?

Also not all mayors are the same, there are different levels of local government so some mayor are senior to others. Some are Lord Mayors, some are Mayor of Counties, County Borough, Unitary Authorities, Town, District, Local etc, etc. Will Mayors cadets be at the same level as their Mayor?

Just asking…

As far as I am aware. The only cadets in that list who get number 1s are…

Lord lieutenants cadets.

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And CCF cadets at uber posh schools






Pretty sure that 1358c also says that OC wings/regions can authorise regular use too. So that would be fine for Mayors Cadet use.

As for when is a a Mayor not a Mayor. With the exception of Lord Mayors, any council chair can call themselves a Mayor if the council agrees to it. Even a Parish or Town councils chair can be a Mayor if the council decided that’s what they want.

Mayor’s are not the chairperson of the council, just the figure head. I suppose they could be the same person but never been the case where I am.

Not to forget things like “Station Commanders Cadets etc”

Here’s what the AP has to say about cadets wearing No 1 SD.

Mayor’s cadets do not wear No 1 SD with one exception - the Lord Mayor of the City of London’s Cadet.
Wing OC do not have the authority to grant the wearing of No 1 outside of the list, and RCs only have limited authority to approve for special occasions, which would not include any sort of routine wear as part of one’s duties.