What's this feeling......!?

Just thought I’d share…

Jumped through several hoops for commissioning; now got to jump through more hoops to get SC etc before we can get F90 and then access to parent station for initial kitting - so beg, borrow, steal (and private purchased) to get a set of blue and green to get by…

Had first parade Thursday in blue, and teaching YFA in green this weekend.

Todays training came together nicely; a good mix of theory; powerpoint and video, practical and, as recently suggested here, some KAHOOT consolidation that went down a storm with the cadets - especially the chocci bar prizes for the podium holders.

Good bunch of cadets today enjoying their first aid training - several very motivated staff delivering the training and engaging well.

Just in amongst the nonsense we all deal with, sometimes you’re reminded why this is all so worthwhile. Such a good days teaching and learning.

Hopefully tomorrow will go as smoothly and assessments will go well… I’ll worry about tomorrow at the time, for now I just thought I’d share my good vibes with the forum.


Great to hear.

But fyi, my parent station (Shawbury) accepts a letter from your OC / Wing, and a pre-booked appointment for your initial kitting if your ID hasn’t come through. They escort you throughout.
Might be worth investigating if that’s possible for you?

I’ll ask! We live in hope!

You can get on any base with a pre booked appointment. It’s very common, give stores a ring and get them to book you on at the gate.

You can either go with someone with a MOD90 and be given a red “Escorted” pass. Or get someone from stores to come and get you from the gate.

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I didn’t even need a MOD90 and still don’t have one yet.

They took an updated photo when I arrived at OASC (there was already a photo on the system of me from AEF as a cadet). Then I was able to go on my parent station unescorted with my driving license. Just had to book in at the guardroom 24 hours before I arrived.

A MOD90 isn’t a pass to military bases, it is simply an ID that is issued by the MOD so that everyone has a proper photo ID regardless of whether they have a driving licence or passport, and also has the added benefit of being a standard design. Even with an MOD90, you still need a reason to be there. If you have that, a driving licence or passport should also be accepted by the guardroom.