What's the best way to get your webbing to a camp?

With my wing, at all camps you need to arrive in civvies.

This proposes a problem when doing fieldcraft or shooting. We have a wing training weekend coming up, and with limited luggage space I’m not sure how I will transport my webbing to and fro the base.

I don’t think we’re allowed to wear it there.

Any advice? TIA.

We used to carry ours under the hood of the Bergen. Depending how many pouches you have, the middle three or four would sit nicely under the hood with just the ammo pouches, bayonet frog, and utility/water bottle pouches hanging over the sides and resting on the side pouches.

I make sure mine is empty (so no water bottle, FAK etc), flatten pouches and wrap it tightly and put it in a dry bag at the bottom of my Bergen. Then pack the rest of the kit on top.

If I’m just on a day event it goes in a civvie holdall with my smock.

If I’m not on public transport then I put it on the outside of my patrol pack, using the belt round the back of the pack to clip it in place. The belt ends up more or less where the patrol pack waist belt would be.

Top flap it, same with almost everything bulky you can’t fit in your bergan.

If you have enough space then compress it down and put it in the bag.


Stuff in your bergen, attach it to the outside, or just hold it in your lap.